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I can has job?

Coffee is so tasty.

Learning the art of speed-cover-letters.

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Now I have one of these, too~ Getting all these shiny new technologies I might not do anything with when I should be studying for my finals... :x
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I finally have one, haha. This is going to sound silly but I didn't have one for a long time not for lack of trying but because nothing I did worked and I gave up. I guess now I begin the open search for better, cooler icons :p
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Wow, I really don't do this journal thing, haha.

Um, since coming to college, I've gotten a new and better camera, which = ^ - ^ It seems that, left to my own devices, I compulsively take pictures, haha. I have a ways to go, though.

In the meantime, thanks to everyone who looked at and fav'd my photos :)
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So, I decided to try posting some pictures. They're no where near as good as good as most of the stuff around here, but I think it's mostly because I'm just making do with my parents' old digital camera--I don't have one and I stole it. I really don't know much about photography, but I tried. :]

And now, I'm writing my first journal entry.