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Effectively Pygmalion
You have no right to say such things
The truth is somewhere in between
it and what exists in my head
But then you say it like a certainty,
deny my conception of reality,
rip it out of me before the first breath
I know you don't know any better
so I say nothing and tuck away my pains,
sink beneath the waves of your words
I bottle sand and bits of shells
saved from your still- crashing surf
to puzzle later but never fit together
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The entrails of the machine are spilling in haphazard order
Across the allotted space of my desk
Silver, red and black coating hug the gold and semi-conductors
The heart of the machine, my machine,
is heatedly blinking to the wires of a careful and furious transfusion
It was surgically removed from the body that could no longer read it
We are performing a long overdue emergency operation-
First the data that does not quite transfer
Save the heart
then save the body,
Save the mind.
:iconlishanshan:lishanshan 0 0
The Last Refuge by lishanshan The Last Refuge :iconlishanshan:lishanshan 2 0 Nature of a Lot by lishanshan Nature of a Lot :iconlishanshan:lishanshan 0 0 Aspire by lishanshan Aspire :iconlishanshan:lishanshan 0 0 Urban Charm by lishanshan Urban Charm :iconlishanshan:lishanshan 0 0 Morning in NYC by lishanshan Morning in NYC :iconlishanshan:lishanshan 1 6 Soap Histories by lishanshan Soap Histories :iconlishanshan:lishanshan 0 0 Heavenly Love by lishanshan Heavenly Love :iconlishanshan:lishanshan 0 0
Breathe in, breathe out.
The world keeps turning.
You are telling me serious things, and I, you. The electronic seconds-arm of the screen keeps flashing. Facebook updates the feed: a new post sliding the rest down, gliding the text sound-
lessly away the world keeps turning. You would think such a big old thing should creak and groan at the seams--but it does, and it has all along. We've just gotten used to it.
One planet away, a tsunami is ravaging the island states and monsoons beat at fragile shanty-town roofs and all the while, meanwhile, at my dinner-room table, I am waiting for your words to appear.
Quietly, silently, digitally, hum flicker blink.
Breathe in, breathe out.
What would I do without you, and you, I?
"Don't die."
:iconlishanshan:lishanshan 0 1
Dry Spell
I have been suffering a dry spell. When the water doesn't come, the very air crackles with tension, static and dry. It's more than enough to make you irritable. Sparks fly at the lightest approach. The woven matter of my headcloth is weighty with dusty burden. Forty days and forty nights is far too much to ask from a mere mortal slouching along this desert terrain. When day breaks on the twenty-eighth and no oasis nigh, I sink heavily into the sand. I want nothing but to hide my devastated face from the sun and the sky and the world, but there is no relief from the pressure of heat pressing from every direction.
When the drought breaks, there is no storm, no breaking of flood gates. Only a sputtering of mud.
:iconlishanshan:lishanshan 0 0
world. goes. on.
Pluto is sending, is descending,
is from her duchessy demoted.
We have always called it so,
soon none shall know--
And herself, but slighted slightly
for our passing life of seconds,
keeps graceful ampersanding
across the canvas universe.
:iconlishanshan:lishanshan 0 3
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