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I don't have so many people to talk to lately, with my phone cut off and trying to move to Vancouver for Idk what reason. It's calling me, and I've got nothing holding me down here. So I wonder, why not? 

My website is also offline currently...!

I know that this situation is temporary, I'm working on the solution:
  • Remake an awesome website that will display all my best work and give visibility to the merchandise I have to offer
  • such as; prints, paintings, (I would love to record music, three songs would be sufficient at first.. thinking about that too), and maybe have a secret link to the website to sell used socks and shoes (lol)
  • Advertise and share more of what I do. Sadly, I have to make a clean up in my fan base.. actually, they will do that for me. It brakes my heart when I see my like count going down, even if it's just a tiny pourcentage. Since my fb page was strictly aimed at photography... and that's far from the only thing I do.
By the way, what do you think about L. Stock as my "professional name" ? Such as Author 

Guess I just wanted to express myself somehow..!

Keep creating everyone! :)

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On peux tu garder une de nos artiste aux multiples talents ici au Québec svp...Quoi que tu fasse je te suivrai toujours ici ou sur facebook...belle L.Stock...Arrette juste pas de creer car tu es une artiste talentueuse ...Tu sais ,jsuis vraiment un fan de
Do what you need to do to move on without losing your essence. After all, that's everything that really matters. Also I hink L. Stock sounds great, pretty professional :D
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thank you so much for your refreshing comment :D
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I hope you already have a place to stay here... the vacancy rate in town is pretty abysmal...  There might be some apartments in the Marpole region, if you're still looking, but expect all the prices to be ridiculous... :(
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I do expect that.... :/
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Vancouver is supposed to be nice, closest I've been is Seattle though.
Wait, listen....

"Lisa....come to Nashville....we have the musics here...."

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If you have nothing holding you here, you must not try very hard... just sayin :P

Why would you loose Fans/Followers on fb for moving to vancouver? I'm not sure I understand that one.
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It's because the followers I have on my fb page are mostly people who like my photography, not necessarily my writing or drawings, y'a know? :) and what do you mean I must not be trying hard? Not sure I get it hah ;)
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What I simply mean by you're not trying very hard in relation to you having nothing holding you here is that, surely you must have family, friends...lover?
You can't possibly have trouble making friends etc...

Unless you want to go and it as nothing to do with the above? Well that's it. Quebec is losing another pretty lass to cold and cruel British Columbia... *Tears*

So long!... Tah tah!... adios!... sayonara!... beubye!

Just kidding, hope you find what you're looking for over there and make some discoveries. ;-)
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