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Hello watchers :)

Some of you have noticed that my activity here on DA got a bit reduced over the last two years. I don't want to keep you in the dark about the reasons and what I do actual, so I think it's time for this - my first - journal ;)

Since the end of 2013 I work as a freelance illustrator and artist - besides my study of communication design and illustration. Really - that's a huge mount of work! Different from the various and numerous drawings I made while school, projects get bigger and more comprehensive now: Whole books and card games or something similar. Often I upload just a sneak-peak of the project instead of every single illustration becuase actual I don't have the time for that. Parallel to this I have to cultivate my website and other social media and of course many personal contacts. And of course there is something called "private life" what I do sometimes, too. :)

In the last days I reconsider my organisation of this a little bit. From now on I try to show you more art again and want to keep you current with my work. You are nearly 1000 people who are interested in my art and I want to reward this - all of you are amazing and I thank you very much ♥

All the best,
your harpyja (Lisa)
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Klingt doch gut - ich würde gern viel mehr von deinen tollen Werken sehen :la:
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reales Leben geht eben vor ^^
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Nach Möglichkeit, ja ;)