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Hello folks,

these days I passed the 1000-watchers-peak (actual exactly 1006). Thank you for that, I am happy that you like my work :)

On honour of this occasion I would like to show you the most important drawing in my life - my First Bird Drawing (the crowd ooh-ed and aah-ed). It is a peregrine falcon (Falco peregrinus) I made at age 11 in the year 2004.

The first Falcon - 2004 by LisaPannek

Of course I have drawn birds and everything else in the years before 2011, too, but this was the first time I decided: This will be art. I wanted a good result, and I signed the drawing. I made a motorbike drawing for my father as a birthday present a fear years earlier - perhaps I will show you that one another time.

The reference for this drawing was a wonderful painting by an unknown illustrator - it was from a field guide about Europe, but the book was so old that the appendix and mention of the illustrators were missed. If I will find out the name, I really have to thank her/him :)

Here is just an image to compare the differences between 13 years. I think my signature did not changed a lot. And I am wondering how correct the feather typography is - I have no idea if this was unconsciously or conscious. I started to collect feathers in the same year.

Malawi by LisaPannek

At least, thank you for reading, faving and the other stuff ♥

- Lisa
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Cpngratulations for your milestones!!! Wonderful progress and improving *_*
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You are welcome.
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wow, congratulations! :party:
You've really progressed!
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I hope so ;) Thank you!
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Of course, don't be silly! :hug: ;)
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Congrats on the 1000 watchers!
Also really nice to see your progress over the years :)
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