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I’ve now joined Instagram!

After joining Loish’s Facebook community it quickly became apparent to me that a lot of artists are on Instagram these days. Whilst I was loathed to go there I quickly realised that this is because I had a misconception that it was all millennials taking dog faced selfies...but I have quickly realised that it’s another great platform on which I can promote my art.

I’ve also even been inspired to re-do my personal website so that it’s no longer so out of date! More on that to come!!!

Don’t think this means I’m going to neglect my deviant art account! I still believe this is a great site with a great community. Saying that if you want to follow me on Instergram too I won’t complain ;P so why not check me out on:…

And why not join Loish’s digital art group on Facebook where Loish is building a wonderful community where artists from all over and different walks of life can come together, share their work, give tips and advice and perhaps even inspire one another. X