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My Progression of Esmerala by LisaGunnIllustration My Progression of Esmerala by LisaGunnIllustration

I've seen quite a few posts recently where artists are posting images that show the progression of their work. It’s a useful thing to do because it reminds us just how far we have come as artists. It can also give hope to those who looks at other people’s work and think ‘damn I wish I was as good as them!’ because it forces us to look critically and see that you are progressing, you are getting better!

 Here, I have taken an image I produced back in 2014. Back then I was uses in Promarkers, a medium I loved because the results were amazing and made me feel that by default my work was amazing. It wasn’t until 2015 that I made the leap from traditional media to digital.

 The Middle picture is from 2016 and the first time that I made the decision to do a progression piece. What was important for me at the time was to create something that had no reference except that of a basic pose. The 2014 image is a copy of a still from Disney but the 2016 image was of my own design. It was also a brave thing for me to attempt the background as this was fairly new to me as well.

 The third image is from 2018. I hope it shows that extra step/leap I have recently made in the progression of my art. Mostly because I think there is a visible improvement on the pose and my ability to draw the human body. There is also an improvement in my awareness of light and shadow. The back ground admittedly is from the original movie I did not create that ^^ mostly because I couldn’t be bothered. Which is lazy of me I know, but I have other projects I want to move on to and this was only supposed to be a quick fun thing to appreciate how my art has moved on in 2 years.

 I look forward to coming back to it in 2020 and seeing once again just how far I’ve managed to come because I firmly believe that the more you draw, paint and create the more you will continue to improve. But it’s not just something that happens through repetitive drawing. I’m always studying light, pose, emotions, and narrative – all things that will hopefully continue to push me as an artist.

 Apologies for the essay and well done if you made it to the end.

 And remember, if you want to see more from me don’t forget to hit follow :P 

ThomasAnime Featured By Owner Mar 25, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
The comparison between those three pictures truly showed how well your illustrating skills have evolved over the years.
LisaGunnIllustration Featured By Owner Apr 1, 2018  Professional General Artist
Thank you! It's nice to compare it sometimes just to remind myself that it is progressing :D
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