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By LisaCunha
I apologize for the weird format, it's suppose to be part of a motivational poster assignment.

Dhalsim from SF
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Holy elastic indian bonzo. Namaste!
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This is a veyr impressive and amusing take on Dhalsim in form a caricature illustration than being focussed on anime or realism. You've certainly shown a impressive array of skill with this one in the way you've shown both talents for detail and how you can 'lighten up' a character in a more cartoonish way. The end result is good and the detail you've added in the face: cheek bones, brow, neck joints etc really show us that you know human anatomy to a high degree since although cartoonish, understanding the importance of the human structure and then manipulating it further on into something more amusing. What you've done really shows potentials and that you could go a great distance with this way working if you so desired.
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Please tell me you've seen the Street Fighter collab on Newgrounds?
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Can't say I have. Got a link for me?
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Let's say it's a really... twisted spin on Street Fighter. You might barf and laugh simultaneously... especially the last clip. Eh

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lol. It makes me wonder what type of motivation you're trying to invoke.
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You can't really beat that message, can you? lol
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