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2018 was a very difficult year for me.
  In June we found out we were expecting our first child Feb 13th. After a couple of trips to the ultrasound appointments, we latter then found out that we were having a miscarriage.  That weekend I lost the baby at 10 weeks. At the same time of me going through all this  i then find out that one of my cousins passed away from suicide and that my grandpa was in hospital as well as his sister. at this point i'm an emotional wreck and took over 2 weeks off from work for personal time. it wasn't just emotional pain but physical pain. August comes around and we have a birthday party for my grandpa. but he is still in hospital hoping to get better so we have the party in his honor.
  Sept 17th my grandpa's sister passes away and then 2 days later on the 19th My grandpa passed. since then it has been an emotional roller coaster for me. there re times i just break down and cry out o the blue. going through a miscarriage i feel like woman shouldn't be scared to share or talk about it with friends or family. after going through it myself i have had so many woman tell me they went through it as well. and it kind of made me feel like it wasn't my fault and it happens.

 I hope here on out that this year and the years after are so much better for me and my family.
Its so funny  when i look at my last journal post. its a year ago i had to surgery on my toe, well i had the surgery yet again,lol 
 I got it done about 4 weeks ago. I thought that last year was the last time but nope, no luck for me. the new nail that grew back came in ingrown and got infected yet again. so i had to have the surgery again but luckily didn't have to get the full removal like last time. only partial but got nail matrix removed so it wouldn't grow back. It was worse this time around for sure! they had to stop half way into the surgery because i could still feel them pulling and that so they had to give me more needles to numb my toe,lol was the worse pain ever!!!!!! tears were running down my cheek it hurt that much. was glad to get out of there.
 So with having this time off i have been able to start more drawings/paintings that i will eventually put up soon. maybe after thanksgiving weekend.

Sorry i haven't Posted many new artwork up in awhile. ive been busy with work and having surgery.

    Last year i got an infection on my toe and cleared up and back and forth for a year. It finaly cleared up and my toe looked normal and the infection was gone and teh doctor said if i didn't like the discolouration she owuld perscribe me cream  but i didn't need it.After awhile i noticed that the nail was starting to come out from under the cuticle. i thought it was werid and though maybe it was just infected again. Well soon enought went back to the docs and yep! it was what i expected, it was infected. theer was puss and blood. wasn't that great to look at.

    After taking the medication the blood and puss went away and the nail started to come up even more.A new nail started to grow underneath pushing up the old  i guess you could say dead nail? i dunno. It was starting to look kinda scary so i never went barefoot and never went swimming. i kept it locked up in a sock and shoes. About a month or so ago i was gettign sick of seeing it i went back to the doctors. By then it was hurting  abit and i hated wrapping it up all teh time forwork so i wouldn' catch it on anything. Yet again got infected!!!

    After goigng through all thisfor a year  i just decided it had to be done i just got surgery and removed both the nails. Its been about 4-5 week snow since i had teh surgery. the First week and even days was teh worst, i couldn't walk, i was just tired i had no energy dunno if that was from the numbing stuff they put in my toe, they gave me about 5 needles,lol. The day after sergery i was supose to unwrap it and put on new bandages, well i couldn't even do that, The gauze had stuck to teh wound so i wasn't able to take off without hurting like you wouldn't believe. Those 3-4 days was horrible, i was cryign all teh time tryign to get it off i was tired, couldn't go anywhere os i was stuck at home, i had taking work off aswell. so i got some off and there was once peice left stuck and i couldn't get it off i was in tears and felt sick trying, ended up talkign with aregistered nurse on teh phoien to see hwta i could do, i tried everything, soaking, applying polysporin to help loosen it, nothing... so the nurses said well better wait til tuesday ( it was a long weekend for us) and go back to teh hospital and they will give you needles again and re bandage it, well teher was no way i was doign either so i just went into teh washroom sat on teh floor and just pulle dteh sucker off,lol i felt sick after that but was so happy  i had it off. it was a wild few days.

     Now im good as new, the toe is healing well and im bakc to work. So teh whoel reason i was writing this journal was to let you knwo when i would have new artwork,lol well i could have done some while on couch rest,lol but i just didn't hav eteh energey. now that fall/winter is coming up and work will shortly be dying down, ill be trying to get some more artwork on to show. ive got so many thign i wanna do and get up ill be set for the winter,lol

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Starry Night by Lisa99

 After some frustration i was finaly able to capture a photo of the Moon! i kept trying and trying and then one night after playing around with the apeture i got it! now i can't stop,lol im addicted to take photos of the moon. is teh a moon anonamous?lol cuz i thikn i need to join. Ive also  been playign aroudn in my photoshop CS6 and putting pics together to make moonlight  photos. After posting This "Night Spirit" photo on facebook, my grandmother called to tell me how amazing it was and wanted to know how i did it,lol she was very proud of me and congradualted me on such a nice photo. Think ill do more of them then,lolNight Spirit by Lisa99



so i was thinking of making a facebook page for my deviantart profile. i thik ive seen on on facebook similar, has anyone else made or though about doign the same?
would it help get more views of artwork naybe a few sales? what does others think about that?
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I haven't slept, been up for 24 hours and im in so much pain. got the worst toothache ever and nothing oto help ease teh pain is working anymore. im not seeing the dentist til wednesday morning. i dunno if i can take another 24 hours of no sleep.i haven't even been able to do any artwork because of this pain, its keeping me up, cant eat, drink, all i do is cry from it and im so tired but can't sleep, i dunno what do to til wednesday
wow has it really been liek 5 months since my last journal entry?
I never know what to type here......
well, not much has happened in 5 mothns since my last entry. I have been geeping busy at work and with my own stuff. Attended this years Fanexpo in toronto. met the awsome James Marsters from buffy the vampire slayer. Bought a new camera, so lookign forward to playing aroudn with that and taking more awsome photos to share. hoping to pot more photos as prints aswell. anways this will be a short journal entry. Im also on an an awsome facebook group if there rae any horror fans out there.  so if you have a facebook and wanna joing a horror group come on by!
Link to site…
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Wow i can't belive its been a long time since my last post, maybe i should try and keep them up to date,lol
Anyways, im trying to get more stuff posted as much and as fast as i can. maybe in a few weeks i maybe have a bunch of work up for people to check out.Ive done alot of clay work that i will probably post aswell. ive done some sketches that i may also put up which one of the got sold (wasn't planning on selling it) so hopfully i still have a picture of it to post. Im also trying to come up with a new painting idea, i have what i want in my head, now its just about putting it on paper and painting it,lol
If anyone has any request or ideas on what they would liek to see in my gallery then leave a comment. hope everyone had a wonderful weekend and enjoy your week!
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So this past Weekend was the Fanexpo at the metro toronto convention centre. I got to go this year!!! I missed last year due to work and no one to go with but i made itthis time! unfortunatly i was ill.
I have been sick for the past 2 weeks with a viral Infection in my stomach. I already purchased my ticket to go, and i didn;t wanna le my friend/neighbour down and tell her i couldn't go, so i went anyways,lol Even though i was sick, i still tried to enjoy myself. Well lets just say that Metting Robert Englund ( Freddy krueger) and getting my photo taken with him made my day and took my mind off of being ill for a while. I got to spend some money and get some more anime books and a few comics and a hello kitty plushie. I saw some really Awsome costumes, you guys who dressed up did amazing! i think next year ill take alot more photos of the cosplayers!
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i made a new group a few days ago. if u like animated  stamps,banners,icons,avatars come join #AnimatedGIFs
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I will Keep this journal updated whenever I post a new video up.


Copic ciao colouring Keiko original character… 12,2011

Copic ciao drawing Ayaka Original Character… 11, 2011

Selena Gomez Acrylic Painting… 16, 2011  

Chii drawing done with copic ciao markers… 14, 2011   

Katy perry painting… 25, 2010   

Sookie&Bill drawing with copic ciao markers… 13, 2010  

"Bella and Edward" step by step with copic ciao markers… August 30, 2010  

Edward and bella kiss Step-by-step with copic ciao markers… August 26, 2010  

Copic ciao drawing "Rosetta" anime… 10, 2010  

Some of my sculpey work… August 23, 2009  

Part 2 of my artwork… 15, 2009  

Video of my artwork… July 15, 2009  

Copic Ciao colouring tutorial of Miharu (Girls Bravo)… 14, 2009
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After about a month or so since my finger wasall grose and was unable to draw or do anything creative i got to do a drawing and was about to do a video for my youtube when i got to use one of my copic markers....I opened it and it had leaked all over and had dried up. i was so pissed i couldn't use thecolour i wanted! it was the brown. i dunno if im gunna get a chance to get to the stor to buy a new one. Anyoen have a spare Brown copic ciao marker? ill do a trade with you? i have two of Light Orange YR02 and i have double of Cool Shadow BG10. so if anyone has double of Brown E08 ill do a trade with you!!!
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WoW! Its been such a long time since my last journal. Ive been tryign to keep busy with work and getting better from a chest Infection since christmas. Im all better now that im on a puffer. Its more Asthma now,lol

I bought a new camera a month ago and i have been doign alot more photography of flowers and insects in teh garden. ill have them up soon. IM hoping to get some printed and framed and sell them or turn some into greeting cards. Im hoping that maybe when i get a bit better at photography ill try to do some profile ones and see how that works.
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Wow! i can't elive that its almost christmas once again, it feels like it was just yeterday that it was christmas 2008. i can still remeber most of my gifts that i got and what we did hat year,lol now its another christmas.

  So i have been sick this whole month. i got sick Dec 1st and foudn out it was a chest infection. im still gettign over it but im not as bad as i was a few weeks ago. i have a bad cough witch is starting to go away. Being sick gave me a chance to get some paintings done. I was able to get 2 done for myself and i was able to get 2 finished for my friends christmas gifts. i figured it would be a sweet gift to give them this year as they don't have any of my artwork yet.

Im really lookign forward to this christmas, partying x-mas eve with some family friends and then having the family over x-mas day for dinner. its goignt o be a full house with my grandparents + my uncle who will be staying over for 3-4 days since they live 2 and a half hours away. plus its also my grandmothers birthday on teh 27 so we will be celibrating that aswell. its such a busy time of year. i have to get some desserts reday to. im goign to make English Trifle and Peppermint Bark.

I hope all of you have a wonderful christmas and a safe and Happy New Year!!!!!!
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Former 102.1 The Edge personality Martin Streek was found dead in his apartment on monday belived to be suicide. He was 45. He as well as barry taylor were let go from the radio station in may. Martin Streek had updated his status on facebook that looks like it was his suicide note to everyone saying goodbye.
"So … I guess that's it," he wrote. "Thanks everyone … I'm sorry to those I should be sorry to, I love you to those that I love, and I will see you all again soon (not too soon though) … Let the stories begin."

The police got a call from one of his tenants at 5:47PM. The tenant of his apartment had bumped into one of Martin's friends who had recivied a very worrying message from Streek. The officers arrived to his apartment and found Martin dead as well as a note to who ever found it was to call the police. Its still an ongoign investigation and don't belive of any foulplay.An autopsy will be performed to confirm the cause of death.

A mermorial page for Martin…

I listen to the edge all the time its the only station i like. This is just a big shock to me. my Condolences goes out to his family and friends. He will be missed
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Ok so about a year or so ago i was thinking of buying a tablet for myself. I see alot of awsome work on here and other places and they have been doen using one of these Wacom tablets. there are even some that have built in screens to draw right on teh tablet aswell. but were too pricy for me. So i found one on sale at a local staples and bought one!!!! im so excited that i got a Wacom Bamboo Tablet.its so much easier than using  mouse for sure!!! so i installed it on my laptop the other day and was playign aroudn with it. so hopfull ill get some more digital stuff done too. Its harder now that its summer i have to work alot more so i don't get as much drawing time that i would like to have. Sorry for some of the other work i was supose ot get completed. i will try to get them posted soon.its hard cuz unfortunatly i can't get on teh internet with my laptop so i have to transfer all my work from my computer to a ubs stick and put on my fathers computer or i have to scan my stuff or upload them. so i sould maybe call the internet company and get that sirted,lol anyways take care an di hope to have more artwork for you all!!!
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So today i went and bought another 25 copic markers from currys art store. ive been doing some fanart with them and ill hopefully have them up soon. Im now working on some Twilight pictures that will also be up soon. i may do them in copics but not too sure yet. now i have 61 copic ciao markers and will probably end eup getting more.I have a video on youtube doign a demo of my colouring with copic…


So as Popular as Twilight is getting i have decided to do 5 more twilight pics of Edward and Bella.I have a new one complete that i will put up ASAP. I will then hopfully move onto others.

they will be called:
1.Hold Me-Edward&Bella
2.You Wont Hurt me-Bella&Edward in forest *Done…
3.Im Ready-Edward & Bella at dance
4.Kiss Me-Edward & Bella
5.a passionate kiss *Done…

other pictures after twilight

-Clark Kent…
-Lana Lang
-Lois Lane
-Chloe Sullivan
-Kara Kent/Supergirl
-Oliver Queen/Green Arrow

-Dean Whinchester
-Sam Whinchester
-The Whinchester brothers

Buffy& Angel
-David Boreanaz……
-Sarah Michelle Geller
-buffy and angel together

-Claire Bennet
-Peter Petrelli
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So today i finally got my first set of Copic ciao markers. Im so excited they look like very awsome markers. No wi just have to try them out!!!! i juat have to think of a pic to try them out on now.
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Well today i attended my first Anime/Comic book convention in Toronto. I have got to say i look forward to more,lol Yes i know what your thikning,lol how could this be my first,lol weel it was. BUt i had a blast. i got my childhood hero Adam West's autograph  and a bucnh of comic books and anime. IM so glad i went. WHO was at the convention this yr? Maybe i bumped into you!!!lol im looking forward to goign to another one. i think it wil be Anime North.
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Ok I came up with an idea of a Comic book Cover.
Im thinking about calling it
Eternity: The Final Undead© 2006
Its goign to be based on this young woman who is ex milatary i guess and has lived through the future as a human/cyborg kind of female and has to save the wolrd from the undead(zombies). Im still thinkg eather or not to make her part human/part cyborg. i thikn it will be a cool project for me to would be my first attempt at designing a comic book cover. This is not goign to be an actual comicbook. just playing around with ideas.hey maybe if someone like teh idea it could be turned into one,hahaha jokes
Well i hop emy ideas come ouyt good. I hope to show you all how it comes along if i ever decide to go throught with the idea. it depends on how it looks and if i liek it or not,lol