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Hi guys! I've sadly been neglecting this site. I've more most of my focus on my actual Etsy page ( and my Facebook Page ( If you have questions, it's best to direct them to either one of those sites instead of this one, because I check Deviantart so rarely. 

But EXCITING NEWS! Rarity's Boutique re-opens September 1st at 12am CST on my site !! At that time, my shop will have all products listed, and you can add them to your cart like a normal store. I'll only be taking 50 orders this month, and then I'll re-open in October! ^_^ Hope to make some hoodies for you guys! Thank you so much! 

also check out my new turtle hoodies!…
Hey guys ^_^ I'll be re-opening my Etsy store on September 30th! I'll only be taking 40 hoodie orders each month, though, so once I reach that limit, I'll close down until the next month -- in this case, I won't re-open again until November 4th! So if you want a hoodie for Halloween or you want to make sure you've got that perfect gift for Christmas, be sure to be ready at 10am CST on September 30th when I re-open!

You can see what hoodie designs I'll be offering as well as pricing and sizing information in this album on my Facebook page:…

And be sure to follow me on Facebook, because coming up I'll introduce the new hoodie that I will have available when I re-open, as well as other information about the store ^_^
Welp, even though it feels weird, I've jumped on the cosplay print bandwagon due to sooooo many people asking for them!

So, feel free to check it out-- I have most of my recent cosplays on there ^_^
Exactly a year ago, I made this post on r/mylittlepony, not knowing what would happen :…

The crazy amount of support and love for my sewing from YOU GUYS jump-started something I didn't expect at all -- you turned this unemployed girl into living her dream: a small online business owner! Rarity's Boutique has been making custom hoodies for Bronies, Avatar fans, and Pokemon lovers for a full year now, and I'm blown away everyday by the love and support you guys bring. It was you guys that started it all, and I'm so thankful to have this subreddit as part of my daily routine! :D

You guys have changed my life for a full year now, and I just had to stop sewing for a minute to say THANK YOU!

I'll be at BronyCon this year, so feel free to check out my hoodies there! I'm so so excited to be there!

If you want to see all of the hoodies I've made for people, you can check them out here:…

And my Facebook is here:… (I'll be hosting a hoodie giveaway once I reach 10,000 likes to show my love for you guys, so feel free to go follow my silliness on Facebook, if you want!)

Gah! Thank yooooouuuuuu!
Thank you everyone for asking questions =3 this was super fun!…
Hello peoples! To celebrate being a small business owner for one full year making awesome hoodies, as well as my birthday, I would like to do a Q&A video, answering questions you may have for me! ^_^ I dunno if anyone is gonna care, it just seems like a fun thing to do :D Anyway, feel free to leave me any questions if you have them! ^_^ I'll be happy/excited to answer!
Hello all! Tomorrow I'll be introducing four new hoodies to my collection of purchasable products -- be prepared for an Eevee-lution!! I'll be introducing the rest of the collection within the next few weeks as well.

I'll be slowly showing them here on Deviantart throughout the next few days -- if you want to see them all right away, follow me on Facebook! :

ALSO, I'll be at Wondercon in Anaheim, CA next weekend! I'll be cosplaying two brand new costumes as well as wearing hoodies while giving away coupons to my store, so message me if you want to meet up! Follow me on Twitter if you want updates to where I am and such. I mean, if I can. I've had issues with my service at multiple conventions before! : / Here's my Twitter though:

Anyway, sooo excited to show you guys what I've been working on lately! Thank you so much for following me ^_^ It means so so much to me! I love you all!
They are! they're just called Elemental hoodies now ^_^ Check them out here on my site:…
Rarity's Boutique is back open and on a new site!!

There's a bajillion new hoodies as well as a few returning hoodies a bunch of you might be excited for! ^_^

Lemme know if you have any questions through Deviantart or email at!
In case anyone cares, I wrote a small story about how I got where I am. It's not a big deal, it's just in case people actually WANT to know about me as an artist before buying my hoodies or something ^_^

I'm going to start this story farther back than I should, but really it took a lot of adventures to get to where I am right now-- twists and turns and loop-de-loops and it all brings me here.

I've been in love with costuming since I was about 11-years-old. I handed my dance studio's costumer a book of my sketches of costume designs for all of my different dance numbers, and although she was unable to make any of my little squiggle drawings into a reality, she encouraged me to keep trying. And so I did.

I left dance and started costuming at a high school theatre at 15-years-old-- since I was homeschooled, they let me be in their plays if I did costuming for them. By the end of my junior year, I had enough hours in costuming that I could've lettered in Theatre-- at a school I didn't even go to. I spent every spare moment either costuming, helping with set design, or performing.

When I won the role of Jasmine in Aladdin Jr. in a prestigious community theatre in my area, my life pretty much changed entirely. I had done small roles before, but nothing ever like this-- this character had a place in little girls', as well as adults', hearts and I wanted to live up to their expectations. Not only did I watch the movie about 60 times between the start of rehearsals to opening night, but I lost ten pounds, tanned, whitened my teeth, dyed my hair, got extensions, and wore fake eyelashes for the first time. I was told I didn't need to go to the extreme, but I had this expectation for myself to convey the character to the best of my ability. In the end, the experience changed me. After each performance, Aladdin, Genie and I went out to meet the audience. I hugged and talked to hundreds of little girls and boys who believed I was the real Jasmine. I saw their beaming faces, clutching their little Jasmine dolls, as they hugged who they thought was their favorite princess, when in reality it was just little me. I never knew that putting on a costume and living a role could make people smile the way that it did.

As you can imagine, when Aladdin Jr. drew to a close, I wasn't ready for it to be over. I wanted to live this dream over and over again and keep making people smile. I was a 16-year-old determined to be an official Disney Princess.

Flash forward to February of 2012, and already I had auditioned to be a Disney Princess four times with no success. I realized, though, that I could still make people smile by working at Disney-- or at the very least I would be able to see those smiles, even if I didn't cause them, so I joined the WDW College Program in Florida as a costumer.

It was a living hell. I worked in a warehouse full of drab uniforms under a manager that was a spitting image of Dolores Umbridge who was determined to make me look bad whenever she could. I found out more about how to become a Disney Princess, and realized it was a dream I more than likely could never achieve due to my facial structure and other aspects I couldn't change, and although I hated giving up, I went home to Minnesota in the beginning of April.

Unemployed, heartbroken, and lost I turned to My Little Pony to brighten my spirits. I had been watching it while I was in Florida, but it became my life source once I got home. Nothing could put a smile on my face like those shows, and it kept me going through the next month. On my birthday while everyone was at work, I made my first Rainbow Dash hoodie, dying to get back into sewing again. As you know, that first Rainbow Dash hoodie was the first of many, and it brings to me where Rarity's Boutique is today!

I told this story to also explain my love of cosplaying-- I can make people happy by being a character they enjoy and hold close to their hearts. I get to put smiles on peoples' faces all over again. It's like being a Disney Princess, except I don't have to change who I am to make people happy. THIS is why I cosplay. THIS is why I run Rarity's Boutique. I really just want to put smiles on peoples' faces, because, in turn, nothing makes me smile more.

This is who I am.

as you all know, I can't make my original Avatar hoodie designs due to Viacom taking them down and then threatening me that they would sue me if they saw me selling them again.

BUT I do plan on coming out with similar, more subtle designs in the near future!

I keep my Facebook updated with such information, in case you're interested! :…

And don't forget to keep checking out my store! :
Hello peoples!

I'll be running around New York Comic Con next weekend!! Sooooo excited-- it's been a few years since I've been to the Big Apple, so I'm psyched to be having a mini-vacation there. Anyways, if you happen to want to find me, meet up with me, or see the new super-awesome Assassin's Creed hoodie line, or really anything, I'll be Tweeting stuff as I go, as well as showing pictures, hopefully, of my adventures there! ^_^

My current plan is to wear my new Ezio hoodie on Friday, my Catwoman cosplay on Saturday (which I'll hopefully get a pic of quick before I head to NY), and then possibly Ty Lee on Sunday?

Anyway, feel free to follow me on Twitter!

Oh! And if you can't make it to NYCC, I'll be introducing the Assassin's Creed hoodies on October 22nd! ^_^ Can't wait!
Just found out that John De Lancie himself owns one of my Discord hoodies. This is his Tweet about it on the 20th of May:

John de Lancie JohndeLancie:
Whom ever you are, the jacket is great. It fits, it's really soft, and colorful and fun. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Tomorrow a picture

Although no picture was ever posted, I'm going crazy right now!! I have to thank Brony, Paula, for giving him the hoodie during Dallas Comic Con ^_^
Hiya guys! Just wanted to let you know that the shop is back open! I've changed a few things, so go check it out! :D My shop:
Please don't panic! I'm not referring to pony hoodies that already exist or ones that I can sketch out-- new ponies and designs are certainly welcome!! Heck, I love sketching out new ideas!

Just understand that if I make a sketch of a design, THAT'S how it's going to stay. I've been welcome to doing custom work up until now, but because of recent events, I'm done doing favors for every customer. It makes me really really sad, because I want to make each and every customer happy, but I can't overcome the emotional stress it has caused me. These are my designs, and it's really hard to hear people change them to their needs, and then when I do it "wrong", they get angry at me and don't like it, when all I did was try to make it my own while still making them happy. It's stressful and discourages me from trying, and I want this business to be my pride and joy, just like I want you to be proud of your hoodie!

Also, PLEASE let me know if you want your hoodie a certain length, or if you have long arms! I wish I had this cool telepathy thing I've heard about, but sadly, I don't, so I just make a universal size that fits most. :D One of the joys of making made-to-order items, though, is that it's easy to add length to anything, you just need to tell me! ^_^ I'm happy to accommodate.

I'm sorry if this is super inconvenient for anyone-- feel free to send me a message if you have any questions, concerns, or ideas! :D
DEAR SUPER AWESOME CUSTOMERS: If you ordered from me between July 1st and July 13th, your orders will be a few days late due to the fact that I have a contagious bug right now and don't want to send that out with my orders : / I'm super duper sorry!!

I will decontaminate everything the minute I recover, and will be right back to work making your awesome hoodies!! I apologize for the inconvenience. Everyone's will be completed before August 10th, and if you're from the US, you should receive your hoodie a few days later. If you happen to need yours before then (which you should get your hoodie only a few days after the three-week lead time), please let me know and we can figure something out!
Hey guys! Due to not being able to sleep, and not being allowed to sew in my apartment after 1am (roommates gotta sleep!), I started my Tumblr! :

I'm gonna try to stay on topic and fill it with fun cartoons, drawing, pictures, hoodies, and lotsa other fun stuff, so please follow me if you wish!

I miss having the shop open :( Thank you all for being patient!
Hi guys! I'm re-opening the shop on July 30th, 2012, which is about two weeks from now. So that I don't get overwhelmed with work again and so that I don't need to keep closing the shop, lead times will change so that I'm only making ten hoodies a week, and I'm shipping them all out on Fridays. It should be easier to keep track of, for both me and my Brony customers. Thank you for your patience!

Please remember that as Fall approaches, I can only make so many hoodies. If I keep getting overwhelmed with orders, I will have to increase the prices. So, if you want a hoodie, buy one soon-ish! :D I want to make as many hoodies as I can, but I can't make them all at once, especially since it's my last semester in college and stuff : /

Thank you, everyone, for being soooo awesome!
Hiya guys! The giveaway went really well! I wish I could've made hoodies for everyone! I will be hosting a new giveaway on Facebook once I reach 500 "Like"s, so go ahead and "Like" my page and let's get this party started!! :D Here's my Facebook: or…

Also, if I was to start a blog (whether it's Blogger or Tumblr or whatever), talking about Rarity's Boutique, My Little Pony, Avatar, geeky stuff, and snippets of my silly crazy life, would anyone follow it? If so, that's where I would give away coupons and host contests and show off other Brony-artist stuff. I just don't want to start one if no one will follow it :P

Thank you everypony! You're all so wonderful!
Thank you, everyone, for entering!

The winners are:


If they don't contact me by tomorrow morning, I will pick more names. ^_^

You guys are awesome! Keep a lookout on my page for other cool stuff like this-- I like to celebrate with my Brony friends as often as I can :D

EDIT: both winners responded, so they officially won! Seriously, though, I wish I could make everyone hoodies now! you guys are awesome! The next giveaway will be for Facebook, so if you want to "like" my Facebook, I'll probably have a giveaway on there in a few months :D :