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Twilight Sparkle hoodie!

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Twilight Sparkle! Available as both an Alicorn OR Unicorn -- I honestly love her either way ^_^
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I want! How do i buy?

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when i get money.
i am going to get this.
and wear it ALL DAY. 
Daringineer's avatar
I threw money at my screen and nothing happened.
neptunestears's avatar
This is one of the best MLP hoodies I've found online.. Do you still take commissions?
Lisa-Lou-Who's avatar
I have a Etsy site that'll be re-opening on September 30th =3 -- I'll be announcing on my FB page either tomorrow or thursday what hoodies will be available when I re-open but I'm positive Twilight will be on there!
buizellover's avatar
so much want.....
UlquiorraEspada4's avatar
Yes... now if only there was a Luna one...
Lisa-Lou-Who's avatar
ta-daaaaaa! [link]

It looks ten times better than this, though -- I really need to get better photos, because, other than my original RD, this was the first hoodie I ever made for a customer.
UlquiorraEspada4's avatar
My god, why do I not own one? It looks really soft and warm~♥ How much was it?
TheDerpyProfessor's avatar
I am a guy, and I would totally commission and wear this in public.
Heck, I'd wear this to work.
If you take these commissions that is ;D
TheGeekySqueaker's avatar
That is ker-friggin adorable! X3
PrinceValentine's avatar
Sormia's avatar
would anyone really wear this in public?
Lisa-Lou-Who's avatar
I wear mine all the time -- it's subtle enough that most of society just thinks it's a cute colorful hoodie. Those who ARE MLP fans, though, absolutely go crazy when they see it! It's fun!
anti-mlpony's avatar
wait wait....ur selling these? WHERE THE BUCK HAVE I BEEN!?
ShadowLiquorice's avatar
Shut up and take my money! It looks awesome!
OmniXVII's avatar
Whoa cute!

And the hoodie looks good too. :P
8X-Angel-Of-Death-X8's avatar
This... This is so cool. I don't even know the correct words to use to describe the coolness.
Ohmygosh!Ohmygosh!Ohmygosh! I am the happiest person alive right now, my parents actually agreed to let me get this, and it will be getting here just before Everfree NW! I'm so excited!
Lisa-Lou-Who's avatar
YAAAAY! :D :D I'm SO excited to make this for you ^_^
sola-shines's avatar
Oh! This is adorable!!
CaptainBritish's avatar
That is DAMN cute! Probably my favourite MLP based hoodie to date, nice work!
hokageneko's avatar
Aaaaaah! I waaaaaant. ;-;
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