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:jsenn: Hi dear friend! My name is Good Artful Lunar Black Fox, but you can just call me Ievgueniy Lis or DAFox, because my character Dark Arctic Fox.) This is a really exists animal, it's just a "blue" morph alopex lagopus groenlandicus (Greenland Island).

Dark Arctic Fox

:jsenn: I was born in Lisichansk. I really like the name of my city, which is associated with foxes!.)

Lisichansk City

:jsenn: I am a former student of the Automated Management of Engineering Processes, studied in Technological Institute Volodymyr Dahl East Ukrainian National University (Severodonetsk).
:jsenn: Fox is me, and I art historian/critic of animal & furry & anthro art. I like the furry subculture is wonderful.. but what else? After all, I fluffy beast, but rather Therianthropy, than Furry.)
:jsenn: I love animals, especially Arctic Foxes.)) I like it in my spare time listening to interesting music, walk on the nature, photographing and many many more‼ And yet, I almost can not draw...

Sorry for my bad English, бо яф український лисиць.)

I Speak Ukrainian Stamp by KorIvka I Speak Russian by ClockworkStamps I Speak English by ClockworkStamps
Armin Van Buuren 2.0 by tehmemories Avicii by RandomStamps Tiesto 2.0 by tehmemories


Thank you for visiting my page!.)

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:email: LiS7x@ya.ru
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Isatis [ʹaısətıs] ▬ Arctic Fox

Paw Bullet Orange (Outline) - F2U! Лисы занимают 100% свободного пространства, времени и ресурса, и постоянно требует ещё.

Paw Bullet Orange (Outline) - F2U! Чтобы со зверем общаться и счастливым в этом общении быть, надо знать закон. Закон Лис - интерес.

Paw Bullet Orange (Outline) - F2U! Пока ты интересен, пока ты готов чем-то сам интересоваться, Лис будет рад разделить этот мир с тобой.




Now the epidemic with this virus is very well known and our country has also been quarantined, and the number of infected people is starting to increase (currently 41 cases in Ukraine). The mobility of people between cities and around the country is very limited, there are no problems with the products but their prices began to skyrocket so people just don't have the money to buy a lot. Only in pharmacies is there a shortage of masks, disinfectants and individual components for their preparation, etc. The biggest problems people now experience are with earnings because many were left without work or do it less often, while others have diffi
I really need real money, who can exchange Points for Paypal? Maybe one of your friends wanted to buy a core membership or something else...

The war continues as before.

The war continues as before.

The previous Journals: I'm still alive a little The light sensitivity of my camera at night is not able to capture what is visible with the eyes, sorry...

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