A 'natural' disaster

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“Could you make any comment on the recent series of hurricanes, Your Majesty?”

The Vala winced and sighed. These newspaper guys were really annoying.

“Should I ever comment on them?” he asked coldly. “And… what newspaper are you from?”

“Tirion Weekly News!” the elf replied with a daring smile. “So, lord Manwe… anything to say about it? You know, several buildings were destroyed completely, some ships sank, lots of damage everywhere…”

“I know,” the Vala interrupted, expecting another wave of headache. “What do you want from me?”

“I’d like to know if you have any connection to those disastrous events.”

“As a lord of winds I surely have…” Manwe allowed himself a sarcastic smile. “But all in all…” he paused, browsing through the memories of past few weeks… a telling-off from Eru... a “slight” disagreement with Varda… Eonwe’s being involved in yet another duel… and finally Laure’s quiet but bold celebration of Ilse, the Day of Silver, one of the festivals of the Dark…

The elf-reporter waited.

“Well…?” he demanded after a minute of silence.

“Ah! Sorry… well, all in all it was… just a natural disaster!”

The elf understood Manwe’s glance perfectly well and left the palace almost running… to be nearly blown away by another storm…
Originally written for B2MEM 2010, but as it suits the contest topic at #tolkien, I decided to submit it here =)
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Hilarious! I love it!