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I've always wanted to really sit down and hammer out what I think the Seanchan look like. Many of the descriptions (and interpretations) seem more than just a little goofy so I had a go. No idea whether this is goofy too.
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I've got to agree that a lot of what exists looks kinda silly. The books offer such a wide variety of styles from the Asian-esque Seanchan to the somewhat-Mongolian warrior Aiel. I love this drawing!
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I love this! And I'm not going to lie, I also love that someone has already mentioned the color code thing... I am definitely among my own kind.

I love that you can see his trousers under the armor and the texture and lighting of the entire piece, brilliant work.
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Yeah it started as a Death Watch guard, but when I was finished coloring (in the midst actually) it was clear that I went another direction. But I think the colors still work for a Seanchan soldier of some branch of their military or another. Ultimately a whatevs piece, but I had fun.
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The fun part is what counts, and no matter what this is a crap load better than anything I ever have or ever could create.

I am seriously in love with the shading and lighting on this.

That is also a good point. One of Tuon's siblings could have a group of troops in a different color maybe? But then that's more of an Andor thing. To be honest at this point there is still a lot we don't know about the Seanchan so they could have legions of men armored in these colors.
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Awesome depiction of Seanchan armour- not at all goofy and still giving off that insect-like nature that is described in the books.
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Well thank you very much
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Don't some of them have flag banners attached to their backs? a la [link]
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The Cairhienen have con that are little flag banners. I don't know about the seanchan...obviously.
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well regardless I really like the color choices. And the detail work on the helm is unique and evocative without being opulent and unrealistic.

...did I just channel Tim Gunn?
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Even if you did I will take it as a compliment. I was like retarded proud of myself for the lighting on the helmet...retarded.
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oh man, lighting and shading are two aspects of visual art I will never be able to wrap my head around. I've just come to terms with it.
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Shadows-Bane171091Hobbyist General Artist
Looks More Like Samurai than a Seanchan...
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Yeah well, that wasn't really an accident. That's how they were described in the books yo.
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DrowElfMorwenHobbyist Digital Artist
that is awesome!!
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Their armor is described as all green, but a shade of green so dark that they look black. You've got a cool set up here, but the colors are all wrong.

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Not trying to be an ass or anything, but I felt it was only just to tell you. So you don't go making a whole line of such pictures and have all the colors wrong. Would suck if I did that, so I figured I'd warn you.
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Yeah I appreciate it. I remembered something about red so dark it was almost black, but it seems that it was green too, at least. Thanks for the link too, I always forget to think to check until I'm too far into the sketch.
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It's good, but the green is to light.
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Nah I don't think so.
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VD-ArtHobbyist General Artist
The way their armor is described in the book makes me think of how freaked out I'd be seeing one of these Deathwatch Guards. They apparently look like insects...and I HATE INSECTS!! Especially praying mantises! I have a bit of an entomophobia and, even worse, an arachnophobia, so I'll even run away from an innocent looking butterfly if I see one :lol: But with regard to your artwork, the detail of the armor is well done =) I don't think it looks goofy - it looks quite alien-like in a good way, considering the reputation the Seanchan have throughout the series.
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Thank you very much. I don't know if I have full-blown arachnophobia but I will pretty much kill any spider I see regardless of where or what it is doing. I figure if they've had the unfortunate luck to cross my path they've entered the world of man, and man hate spider.
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