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Not okay

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A boy came to the goth's bar (Batcave) and he wanted to get a man, but that men didn't let it (in)
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Heya! So, I've looked through some of the other comments here, and before I comment about them I'd just like to say that this is a great piece! I really like how you used the blur effect to make the subject of the drawing clear, and the punching motion looks amazing too!:heart:

Now, I'm not really here to try to convince you to think in a certain way about this, or to "spread propaganda" as you put it, but this could kind of be perceived as homophobic. Sure, maybe the same would have happened to a straight woman, and maybe this specific piece could have been used instead to speak out against aggression of gay people, but the way you talk about it makes you seem somewhat homophobic.

Homosexual and trans people have always existed, but people haven't always accepted it, which is why it's such a thing now. We're just like everyone else, sure maybe I'm a woman who was born with a penis and likes other women, but I'm still a person too. I like video games and love to draw, I go to school and have friends, and I suffer from quarantine. The reason we're so vocal sometimes is because sometimes people don't accept us and it hurts. It really does. And that's why we're proud of it, because we're different and we've had those experiences that straight and/or cisgender people don't have, whether they be social struggles, mental struggles, or struggles with our bodies. I'm sorry if you've had a negative experience with someone from the LGBTQ+ community, but not all of us are like that. I have a girl friend (not like, girlfriend, but just my friend who's a girl. Just thought I might clarify^^) who's lesbian and she's like, the one of the most welcoming and accepting people ever, and she doesn't try to force other people to think the way she does. And I know that's only one example, but like, we don't need everyone else to completely understand us. We just want to be accepted into society as people like everyone else is.

That's all I really have to say, thanks for reading!:heart: :heart: And keep up the great work, girl friend!

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homophobic art not cool not cool

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coos it's not cool :\

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pedophilphobia art not cool too?

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i talk to you about homophobia and this not cool ^^ DONT TRY TO change the topic

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First things first

I not to try change topic, for me it's the same (lgbt, pedofile, zoofile, necrophile, etc...) ;)

In Russian there is a word "pederast" (педик, педераст пидорас) - it means gay, but initially it referred to pedophiles (from Greek παιδός ἐραστής - love for boys or pre-pubertal girls, which is now called pedophilia)

Many people know about lgbtq, and they not have phobia, but! when gay or other queer go to public or somthing like this, it annoying, becouse is propoganda something like nazi (if you not in lgbt community then you not proggressive, enemy, and very bad person, sub-humans/untermensch.)

In 1970 lgbt make riot, kill people and terrorized psychiatrists.

I think lgbtq is perverts with psychiatric disorder behavior. Early works of psychiatrusts proof it, but after riots and terror psychiatrists, neo-liberals with lgbt was win, and all of research on lgbt, suspended (except for research incorrect as in Evelyn Hooker).

Do you have a reason to say why gays and/or lgbt is cool, especially when they intrude into a public space or into a space where there is no place for them or/and their propaganda?

btw, no one climbs into lgbt bed, for all people is does not matter, but when it intrude your space - IS NOT COOL - these picture about it not about homophobia! :meow:

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okay tell me one god reason why its not homophobia.The DUDE punches a gay guy. it is homophobia !

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Did you read carefully ???

I wrote above, be careful.

But I repeat once again ...

Homo - homosexual/gay/faggot, phobia - fear

if people in a bar are afraid of gays, then they must be scared, right? then fear must be in his faces, but these people is laughing, because is funny see gay with same mistake with his propaganda.

I remember revierce scene in police academy movie, it's comedy and all of scenes with "Blue Oyster" - btw these illustration something like homophobia

You have no reason about this picture to claim it is homophobic. Here homonegativism is faster (these are different things, try to figure out the things you are trying to talk about, ok?)

You can't explain what homophobia is you can't understand what is it at all (I presume).

You can't tell why homophobia Is bad.

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Thx, your opinion is very important for us! But this pic haven't homophobic mean, it's about gay-boy, who come in goths getero-bar and began to force everybody. It's not homophobia. It's insulting the feelings of normal guys!

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I'll knock your ass out homophobic slav bitch

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hahah, at first you should be knock from her ass out something yet (and this you very like if you're one of lgbt community, we're aware)

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And then, I'll make a drawing of it too. Fucking cunt.

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Hey lgbt phile... Check this out:

i think you one of them :)

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