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Pokimono Cyberpunk Meme



That's it, cause my own group is well, struggling (*cough#assassinswantedcough*), I'm getting back into Pokimono; my first group. I see some of my friends are still there at least, which is a good thing, of course.

Edit: Made bigger in case you accidentally mecha wings or want to bring a friend along

So, I've constructed a new outfit meme thing. This time, it's, well, a cyberpunk one. You know, futuristic, world falling apart in conflict, that type of stuff! I'm pretty sure there isn't a Pokimono meme themed around this, so it'd be fun to see what comes out of it!

If you do this meme, I'd love it if you linked the result as a comment too, just so I can see (unless I see it first, of course :>)

Got the logo from here, of course

Got the failed build attempt at something (the text in the backdrop) from an old mailing list posting.

And well, in #Pokimono, I'm this sexy beast (well, they're usually cute. Stupid Elesa! VOLT SWITCH VOLT SWITCH VOLT SWITCH!!!)

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I wanna do this at some point, hurrrgh
I love me some cyberpunk :iconblushplz: