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“Cold. Thirteen months old, like the child in my heart that would refuse to grow. Pulsating
endlessly, a violent throbbing within my brain machine - tick tock tick tock; for time is
running thin and out and long and cracked. No time, no time; no time for this thought,
like a dream, like a child, living off tubes and machines from my deepest nightmares,
fueled by my inhibitions, fears, lies, decaying aspirations. But perhaps with your deepest
sleep shall come as salvation to you, an angel’s embrace that would pull you from the icy
rooted fingers of my attentive, never-ending neglect, my failure to realize that I can never
make it, never make you my own, never see you grow up and reach your first birthday,
get married, be remembered in the hearts and minds of children everywhere because
they drank you in word for word on yellowing pages. Cold, thirteen months old, resting
here, in a graveyard of shattered dreams; here you are respected, here you are at
peace. So rest, my child;
:iconclockwork-aristocrat:clockwork-aristocrat 4 1
Modern Magic
The witch Baba Yaga once baked herself bread
out of spiders and liars and red razorwire
that was garnished with flowers from the vaults of the dead,
and sweetened with lye from a child’s funeral pyre.
It was light as the crisp, cracking bones on the fields
and as sharp to the taste as the ash-scattered shards
that were all that remains of the swords and the shields
of the warrior king and his bold bodyguards.
In a chicken leg hovel at the edge of a wood
the witch Baba Yaga licks the dregs from the spoons
that she used to stir soup, spiced and thickened with blood
that the dying ones spilt from their widowing wounds.
But her low kitchen table will never be laid
and her bonewafer banquet will never be served,
while ghostly white whistles pipe a last serenade
as she’s swept to the moon by the swerve of the earth.
The witch Baba Yaga in the coldness of space
weeping tears for the cage and her gingerbread home,
but icicled, weightless, they fly in her face
with the regular tick of
:icontightwhitepants:tightwhitepants 498 226
They breathed in unison. All over the city, all over the planet, the bots were breathing together. They moved and walked and spoke as their individual programming dictated, but their breathing was synchronised, in and out with the constancy of a ticking clock. She was in her twenties when she first managed to make her own working robot and it breathed with inexorable regularity. In out. In out. In out.
"Hello," it said. In out. "Are you my mother?"
She laughed.
"The female creator of my form," it insisted, "The instantiator of my existence. Are you my mother?"
She had to concede that she was, although the term made her uneasy.
In out. In out. It breathed just like all the other bots did.
Without access to the research databases, she had made a very basic effort at its programming, and that meant it needed to be taught.
"Do I have a name?" It asked her, as she was showing it how to clean the windows. It was standing very close. She could hear it breathing in out, in out.
"No. Would you
:iconqueen-of-marigold:Queen-of-Marigold 191 165
colour blind.
She saw him at the park once. He was the colour of dirt; with bird eyes and white, mapped palms. Her little forehead lined as she felt the bile force its way up until her saliva was acid. She counted her toes and bit the inside of her cheek, should she run? Are they fast runners? She figured this one must be if he kept himself out of jail. The dark man flashed a mouthful of pebbles and held out his hand- which would have swallowed hers.
'Don't touch me.'
Her hands were all knuckles and her baby eyes tore into his. He faltered and stepped away, a half mouthed sorry. He looked upset, a grin spread like fire between her dimples.
Suddenly she imagined force-feeding him barbed wire and then tearing it back out- the way a clown pulls coloured cloth from his sleeve. She imagined tying the left of his limbs to a heavy tree trunk and the right to a truck. Dragging and pulling until his joints sang high with dislocation and his arms snapped like twigs. The way she likes the crackle of dea
:iconpretty-as-a-picture:Pretty-As-A-Picture 459 164
When I was six, my dad started going out with a woman called Laura.  As soon as he told me about her, I decided that I wasn’t going to like her, but somehow Dad knew I had decided that and told me to give her a chance.
‘I still miss your mum,’ he said, ‘and I still love her very much, just like you do.  But I love Laura as well, and it isn’t her fault your mum died, so you mustn’t take it out on her.  She doesn’t want to be your mother - she only wants to be your friend.  And I think you should let her try.’
It was very difficult for me to accept that another woman was coming into our lives, because after Mum died it had just been me and Dad for three whole years.  I was only little when she died, but I remembered everything.  I especially remembered how much she, Dad and I all loved each other.  When it was just me and Dad, it was almost like it was still me and Dad and Mum.
:iconthornyenglishrose:ThornyEnglishRose 319 260
A Death in Literature
He didn’t enjoy killing, or even violence in general; it disgusted him. It was something the world could do without entirely, and he wished more than anything that he could escape it. He knew, however, as we all know, one cannot escape violence in a world that lives for death. He didn’t want, in any part of him, to kill another human being. Of course, that did not mean for even a second, that he wasn’t going to do it.
               Purpose; generally, this is accepted as the one thing every human wants and needs. In our society, and our world, no person wishes to be seen as nothing, or negligible. People always do what they do for a reason; they are driven by purpose. This time, though, there would be no purpose, no answer to the “why?”. The act would defy general understanding, crashing reason into a metaphorical sea of confusion. He had no reason to do this; no reason at all. The choi
:iconblizz-kid:Blizz-Kid 589 409





¿Quería la revista lucerna con los cómics exclusivos de La Luna SolitariaPhobiaHabitación 8 y la versión actual completa de Filiberto y el libro legendario? ¿Pero no pudo ir a la Comic Con de este año? ¿O es de España y no quiere pagar envío internacional? ¡Es su oportunidad!

New ¡Revista lucerna a la venta para España y Chile! Aprovechen, que serán pocos días. Probablemente sólo una semana, por temas de imprenta y viaje. No, no es una táctica de mercadeo, en serio será por pocos días.

3,6€ en España, $2.500 en Chile. Precio de envío a convenir en cada caso. En Chile hay posibilidades de entrega en directo dependiendo de la ciudad, en España se paga sólo envío nacional (las revistas serán llevadas por mano y enviadas por correo desde Madrid).

Paypal para España y transferencia bancaria para Chile.

(Advertencia: pueden o no contener dedicatorias o regalillos bobos Devilish )

Star! Más info escribiendo a con el asunto "Preventa" Star! 


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Lira Alicia Kraunik
Artist | Professional | Digital Art
I like comics, fantasy books and weird sci-fi series, and I believe in lots of things that probably don't exist.

I work as a freelance illustrator and comic artist.


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