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So This Is Christmas

Journal Entry: Sat Dec 22, 2012, 12:05 PM

I'm still the super-proud mommy of an amazing little girl who is now 2 1/2 years old! Merry Christmas & happy holidays for a long time to come since I'm sure it'll be another forever until I come post again.

Then He Waddled Away (Waddle Waddle)

Journal Entry: Tue Jul 31, 2012, 9:30 AM


Can You Hear The Horses?

Journal Entry: Wed Aug 10, 2011, 5:18 AM

Alice Norma's christening, I'm accidentally a pretty good photographer.

..And They Stay There.

Journal Entry: Tue Sep 7, 2010, 1:38 PM

"A little after, Mommy's a slacker" 2 Month Portrait!

From 10,000 Lightning Bugs.

Journal Entry: Tue Aug 24, 2010, 6:45 PM
I turned 30.  I had a baby.

Irene, Goodnight

Journal Entry: Thu Dec 14, 2006, 1:45 PM
Heh, made you look.  Still leaving, just changing my journal since neoliquid removed the deviation & I don't feel it's right to make it seem like I'm vilifying him in my journal.

I do feel it's right to continue to call this a load of crap, however.

I'm still diggin' those fish, adios!

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Goodnight, Irene

Journal Entry: Tue Nov 21, 2006, 8:48 PM
I thought I would make 6 years here, hell, I thought I would hit forever here, I thought I'd die before I ever left deviantART.

But then this happened.

Basically, I got a note from ipholio, telling me I might want to check out this deviation by neoliquid.  So, of course, I went, and saw what it was, and almost immediately reported the deviation for a policy violation.  This was November 2, 2006.  I let almost a week go by, nothing had happened, so I reported again with the same (lack of) result.

So, upset & confused, I turned to the Help Desk.

I sent in what was a complaint but also a question, and I got an answer, but ultimately that answer was insulting enough to make me uncomfortable even remaining a part of this community.  Basically I felt this deviation was a rip, I still feel it is a rip.  I was told by realitysquared that not only is it not a rip, but removal of similar deviations in the past is now being considered "preferencial [sic] treatment."

This site has been a huge part of my life since 2001.. colossal.  I have met so many people here that are still a part of my life, still a part of my daily life, that the impact has been massive.  Those people I will, of course, still stay in touch with, still share my life with, but I can't stay here any longer.  I absolutely can not remain a part of a community that refuses to protect the rights of its own users.  It's bad enough that traced "fan art" is allowed to remain, but traced works originally created by other deviants is just taking it too far.

I wanted to hope, you know?  I wanted to hope jark would be back, I wanted to hope deviantART as a whole would magically get better, but after this, that hope is dead for good.

So long, and thanks for all the fish.

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do i annoy you?

Sun Oct 23, 2005, 2:27 AM

i turned 25 a couple months ago.

i miss $jark and $matteo.  surfing this site now makes me feel yucko.

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"I'd like to say I'm one of those people that takes what life gives her, accepts it, and moves on.  I'd also like to say I'm sad I'm not one of those people."

While those lines might be reminiscent of my last entry, I'm hoping this one doesn't ring like the echo of journals past.  I spent a few hours sitting here this morning not quite sure what to open with here, as I've got a lot of things I want to talk about, but none of those subjects are really great starter topics, I probably won't even fit everything I want to talk about into this entry, so I spent another hour trying to prioritize my ideas.  I mostly just ended up discovering that I suck at doing that.  Now it's evening for me, I ended up giving up on this and going to sleep, and then waking up again, still unsure where to start.  Funny how writing does that to a person, gives them too many ideas but no way to get them all out.

Something that I think a lot of people on both "sides" of all of this fail to realize is that in wanting to bring back the community, we already have.  Yes, that community is divided, and it is tragic, but on both sides of the argument, the community is there.  I've become closer with old friends, close with new friends, and seen some people from years ago pop their heads in to share their thoughts and love for this great family Scott let us all be a part of.  Even in talking about things over and over again, we're communicating with one another in a way we never have before, we're essentially united by our division.  For the first time in years I'm getting notes that don't relate to the icons I make, more often than I'm getting ones that do.  #seniors on dAmn is hopping just about every hour of the day, I'm on IMs with people from this site everyday, formulating new opinions, tossing out old ones, the balance of respect that I have for the people in this great community as a whole shifts twice, if not more, everyday.  I'm getting comments, I'm giving comments, everyone's interacting with everyone else, both on-site and off-site, but most importantly, every deviant here that has come out to show their support in whatever form they choose, is meeting other deviants.

Please don't read this as though I'm trying to make what happened seem small, or like I'm trying to say "thank goodness this all happened or we'd never have become a community again!"  I do not feel that way, I'm still just as angry and hurt by all of this as I was on July 27th.  My attempt here is to make you all see that while something completely horrible has happened, we can learn from it, we can show Scott our support and love in ways that are productive, instead of ways that are cruel and hurtful.  In participating in all of this, whichever side you are on, and conducting yourselves in a respectful and civil manner, in continuing to demand answers, but in well thought-out ways, you are doing exactly what Scott has always encouraged us to do.  You are loving one another, no matter who thinks what, who says what, who believes this, or who is behind that.  You don't have to alienate your friends just because you disagree, you should keep talking to them, learning about the way they think, while giving them a chance to learn about the way you think.

Something I don't understand in all of this is the pulling of your gallery.  For some people it makes sense, for others, it doesn't.  The people who seem the most passionate about bringing back the community, are taking down their galleries and boycotting.. the community.  I can understand taking down your prints if you're against "corporation", but hiding your entire gallery?  Why are you hiding your art while trying to get back to your roots in an art community?  Some things in all of this just confuse me so greatly.  Speaking of corporation, have any of you subscribers logged out lately to see what types of advertisements dA's vistors are being targetted with?  I have friends on this site who have left because of some of these banner ads, ads for penile enhancement, and pills.  I'm not going to go on an anti-banner ad rant here, but come on.  Angelo, this is an art community, what do those ads have to do with art?  I remember when we first got banner ads here on this site, back when the ads we saw were targetted towards us, and our art.  What happened there?

If you have not seen the e-mail that deviot has posted in his journal, I suggest you take the time to go and read it before you continue reading what I have to say, as I am going to be quoting parts of it, and it may not make a lot of sense if you have not seen this e-mail in its entirety.  I'm sorry to those of you who think that journals like these are "overdone" but this is my little soapbox, and I hope that most of you stay and play, even if you don't agree with what I have to say, or how I say it.  I'm trying to encourage all of you to think, not about me, not about what I have to say, but to think about everything that's going on around this site, to think about the events of July 27th, to think about each other.  I'm not everyone else on this site, I'm me, I write my journals from a personal perspective because I want people to understand me, and how I feel in all of this, so that as I write, you have a better understanding of why I feel the way that I do, and why I feel as strongly as I do.  Bear in mind that this e-mail was written to Angelo, from Scott, so all of these quotes are Scott's words.

"There are some serious deficiencies in how internal business matters have been handled with respect to the structuring of the company among others.."

"…the underhanded methodology you utilized in order to fill the board of directors, as well as your many other esoteric moves, and it becomes quite obvious that you are purposely acting in a bizarre manner for someone in your
position. deviantART is about *ART* and *ARTISTS*; it is not the music industry that you continue to be so in love with.

"You and I both know that there has been some serious misconduct on your behalf. I would appreciate it if you merely own up to that fact…"

"The deviantART Staff, whether the individual be a paid employee or a volunteer, has been diminishing quite rapidly as of late."

"Do I need to remind you how you *used me* in order to push Matt out so that you could obtain a larger chunk of the deviantART pie?"

"The corporate culture that you have built as the CEO is hardly what anyone would believe to be healthy. You overwork the entire staff, to the point where it violates state and federal law, and have not properly prioritized projects which will help the site move forward in to the areas that it *needs* to."

"If you truly love deviantART the way that you say you do then stop using it as an engine for your own career and your own glory."

"Be a man, step up to the plate and lets get the problems fixed once and for all before more people leave."

Whether or not you think these e-mails are real, you can tell one thing for certain.  All of those lines up there were written by a person who was very angry, and very hurt, a person who was at a point where they could not take anymore, a person who was demanding answers before it went any farther.  Even if you do not believe that person was Scott, and even if you do not believe the intended recipient of those words was Angelo, you can agree with me there.  I'm not going to sit here and argue semantics with anyone, I know that e-mail was written by Scott, and that's just how it is.  I don't think it would be fair of me to treat other deviants here like they aren't entitled to their own opinion about all of these things.  Those quotes up there show me in ways more clear than pretty much anything else I've seen or "heard" up until this point, that behind the scenes, deviantART was not the happy well-oiled machine we all thought it was.  Even reading Scott's current journal, the first part of deviantART's history, in his words, I can see that even that far back, Scott and Angelo had problems.  Judging by that e-mail, it's rather apparent those problems carried on to present day, regardless of the good times they had.  Scott went so far as to allow Angelo to stay in his home, meet his family, his wife Junko and his son Anthony.  During that time they were both adult enough to be friends, despite their differences.  One has to stop and wonder when all of this changed, when the dynamic shifted so badly that the "powers that be" stopped concerning themselves with Scott's viewpoint and ideals.

Considering all of that, I ask you, what do you think the outcome of all of this will be?  Moreso, what do you hope the outcome will be?  I think the outcome will be more and more division, but less and less hatred towards one another in regards to people on opposite sides of the fence.  Those of us that are not participating in the petty name-calling, the threats, the ignorance, all of us implore you to please use common sense when commenting and expressing yourself.  I hope that the outcome of all of this will be Scott "winning" in whatever sense of the word happens to apply.  Be it in court, or just in general.  It is obvious that a lot of people support him, and while in the end, all of our support on this site can't help Scott legally, we can remind him daily, hourly, constantly, that we stand for what he stands for, that we stand for community, that we stand for him.

deviantART's fifth birthday is upon us, the anniversary of Scott and Matt's idea truly being born.  Being given a life more substantial than just code and images.  So, what will I be doing to celebrate deviantART's fifth  birthday?  Well, that's a little tricky.  I plan on going back to my roots and commenting again, participating in the community of old that I cherish and adore, problem is, I need your help.  I've found the front page isn't a very good place to start looking for new art to comment on, as there is no easy way to get from one piece to the next, so in order to bring back the community that I love so fondly, I'm going to comment on at least one deviation by every single person that leaves a comment on this journal.  That's how I'll be spending my Sunday, how about you?

:iconbookdiva: :iconlove: :iconliquify: :iconlove: :iconphae:

Do you want answers?  This article, some e-mails posted anonymously on a blog, was brought to my attention a little while ago.  Contained in these e-mails is a list of demands that $jark sent to $mccann, requiring they be met by July 31, 2005.  This list is not a fabrication, it is 100% real.  Instead of meeting these demands, the "board" ($spyed and $mccann) summarily decided to terminate $jark's employment with deviantART 4 days before the deadline.  Please understand that I don't know who this came from, just be happy that even if $spyed won't give you answers, at least someone will.  I know I am happy to have some answers, finally.

Please feel free to continue using my journal to post your feedback, as I don't know where else this can be discussed. :giggle:

I'd like to say I'm one of those people that takes what life gives her, accepts it, and moves on.  I'd also like to say that I'm sad I'm not one of those people.  This site started as the dream of two men, $jark and $matteo, not three.  Over the years I've gotten a chance to get to know both Scott and Matt as people outside of this community.  I speak with Scott quite frequently on IMs, and I've met Matt in real life on a few occasions.  Both of them, no matter when, no matter where, have shown me nothing but the utmost love and passion for this community, combined, or separately, they both hold this community in the highest regard, and have always had the most hope for its future.  This journal entry is probably going to read something like a story, with facts and links strewn about.  This story does not have a happy ending, as most stories do, but instead it ends with something that I feel will damage the greatness of this site.  In the beginning, just like every other deviant, I was just one of the masses, submitting my art and hoping for comments, be them praise or criticism.  I, like all of you, started from nothing here.  Back in the beginning this site was the most intimate community I had ever been a part of, it was not uncommon to see a comment from $jark and/or $matteo on just about every piece submitted.  I remember early on, on IRC, a channel of maybe thirty people, all very close with one another, all friends, behaving the way that friends do.  I remember when there were no subscriptions, this site was entirely free.  I remember the people who got angry when this site started to make a little money.  I also remember spending over 300$USD of my own money subscribing myself, and friends, in the first month alone.  I remember laughing out loud when my bank called me thinking someone had stolen my debit card.  I remember feeling so.. happy.

This site, as it is, and as it was, is a huge part of my life.  I have met friends here, I have fallen in love here, I have laughed here, and I have cried here.  Back in 2001, I was a different person, and as people got to know me, and I got to know them, I made some mistakes, mistakes that I paid for with the loss of friends dear.. but with the loss of those friends, came the first time I ever spoke with $jark in a real-time one-on-one conversation.  I had deleted all of my deviations, I had, for all intents and purposes, "left" deviantART.  In leaving, I ended up on AIM with the man himself, and we talked a lot about life, about love, about passion, about art, about why I was leaving, and he posed a question that changed my life moreso than any question that ever came before, or since; "Will you stay?"  I didn't even have to think twice, because, here is a founder of deviantART, asking someone like me, someone he doesn't even know, if I'd stay here, if I'd just brush the dirt off, pick myself up, and stay.  As you can see, considering I'm still here four years later, I said yes.  $jark remembers having to ask me if I'd stay a few more times, but regardless of what came to pass since our first conversation, that one moment when he showed me that he cares about every single one of us, enough to ask us to stay, no matter what, is the way that I will always remember his devotion to and passion for this site.

Meeting $matteo came a lot later for me, at least a year later, after I had moved a couple times, and gotten myself in and out of various jams in real life.  We talked on AIM for awhile when I still lived in Torrance, CA (outside of Los Angeles), and struck up a friendship.  While I lived in California, I organised and attended my first devMEET, and then went to another.  As I met more and more people in person from this site, I could feel $jark's love for us more and more.  I had the good fortune of meeting many people who have since left this site, people who, like me, felt the effect Scott had on all of us.  When I left California, I initially moved to Austin, TX, where $matteo was attending college.  I met Matt in person very soon after moving to Austin, I remember walking towards his apartment, as he walked towards mine to meet halfway, he wasn't entirely sober, and he had no shoes on.  We hung out that night, and spent a lot of time talking about dA, life, our friends on the site, and off, and various other things one drunk person and one sober person would discuss.  I remember that first meeting as being somewhat surreal, because it's so hard for a lot of us here on dA to be accepting of the fact that the administrators are people, too, just like us.  I remember early one morning driving to his apartment to sneak up his front stairs and hang a beaded bracelet I made for him on his door knob, I remember going to the grocery store with him in the middle of the night, more than anything, though, I remember a great friend.  I hung out with Matt a few more times before eventually moving again, to a little city outside of Dallas, TX.  Over time, Matt and I have lost touch, but I still see him here and there on this site, and I am very happy to see him here in all of this turmoil, posting on the forums, and voicing his opinion on things great and small, relating to the firing of $jark, even if I am sad that this is why we are seeing him again.

I know that some people view the way that the rest of us are acting considering what has happened to be "wrong," so I just want to get up on my little soapbox here .. * steps up * .. and tell you who $jark is, to me.  $jark, the administrator, is just a person, just like the rest of us, but he is also much much more than a mere man.  $jark being terminated, as it were, affects me as a deviant, as it should affect all of you, but it affects me more than you, too.  See, if you were here in the beginning, like I know a lot of you were, I'd say.. anyone who joined prior to mid/late 2003 or so, you saw this site in all of its glory, you were a part of the community that $jark and $matteo always dreamed this site would be.  Sure, even then, that long ago, this site was changing, we had subscriptions and prints, we had banner ads, but this site hadn't taken its first steps towards losing that community feel entirely, yet.  I am not angry as just a deviant, I am angry as a person, I am angry as a friend, I am angry in more ways than I can adequately describe here, but I am hurt even more than I am angry.  Hurt because of what has happened, and hurt because of the way that it happened.  Some people say "home is where the heart is," others say home is where you live.  In real life, home, for me, is somewhere I have never lived, not once, not ever.  Home is where my grandfather lives, and it is home, because it is his home.  That is generally how I would describe deviantART, as well.  This site is my home, too, my virtual home.  This site has seen me in rare form, this site has seen me grow up, this site has seen me move on, this site has seen me become who I am today, and this site is partly responsible for who I am today, because of relationships formed and broken here.  More than all of that, though, this site is home because of $jark.  Back to my comment about being here in the beginning, versus having only seen the site functioning as a company.  When this site still had the community feel in every single corner, you could feel $jark in every single corner, too.  deviantART was $jark, and $jark was deviantART.  You could feel and see him everywhere, in the code, the design, on his page, in comments left by people he probably didn't even know.  This community felt so intimate and loving because its leader was loving, caring, giving, devoted, and dedicated.  I have never met a single person online, or even in real life, so devoted to a dream that they put everything on the line, with the exception of $jark.  How many of you remember how sick $jark got because of stress here?  How many of you fully realise what he and his family have gone through as a result of his dedication to this site?  How many of you know that $jark is still on medication from stress here?  Look back on your life, reflect on who you are as a person, and ask yourself, can you even come close to that level of dedication?

This site was never just a site to $jark, it was never just a way to make money, or a fun little side project.  deviantART is and has been his LIFE.  Until the day I die I will look back on $jark with awe, he is a living inspiration for me, his passion, his love, the way that he cares, how much he cares, the way he gives to us everyday, the way he always will, the way that even if those of us who support him leave this site, dA will live on in all of us.  For me, deviantART has always been like this, it has always been a place of love, and caring, a place for art, a place for friendships, a place to live our lives, a place to grow up, a place to start, and a place to end.  I come to dA to be reminded of $jark, as an administrator, as a man, and as an inspiration to all of us, he has made it feel like dA cares about each and every single one of us, he has breathed a new life into us through this site, and touched us all, and you don't even have to know him to feel these things.  Whether you're a subscriber, a member, a senior member, part of staff, or just someone browsing, you matter to $jark, you always have, and you always will.  It doesn't matter to him who pays to be a part of dA and who doesn't, he loves all of us, he makes time for all of us, he cares about all of us, he listens to all of us.  Without him, who is left?  Who is left that will make us feel like that, without even trying?  $jark makes me feel like that everyday, just by existing.  The dA that you have now, without $jark, is not as loving and nourishing as the dA you had a few days ago, with $jark, and it never will be again.  The dA that $jark created will live on in all of us that see this fact, and understand and accept it, no matter where we go online, no matter who we become in life.  Because of $jark, I am dA, and dA lives on in me.

I guess now it's time to move onto the more painful things we're all being forced to discover and accept now on this site, I'm sorry for not giving you a gentle transition, but there isn't really one to give.  As the years have gone by, seemingly flown by, I've become closer friends with a lot of people on this site, I've had the good fortune of meeting a great many deviants who I have a lot in common with, and I've come to respect a few deviants I wasn't sure I ever would.  The history of this site is very complex, and according to different parties, the way this site came to be seems very jumbled and confusing.  I was not here when this site began, even though I showed up relatively soon after.  I wish there was some way I could prove to all of you that this site really did only have two founders, but I can't.  I took a trip on the Wayback Machine tonight with °attila, surfing the web archives for some hints to dA's past, and saw some things that made me laugh, some that made me wonder, and some things that I feel support the facts.  Here is a snapshot of deviantART from 2000, notice that on this page, the contact page for deviantART at the time, the only two administrators mentioned are $jark and $matteo.  Kind of contradicts $spyed's claim as being the third founder of dA, no?  I remember back when it was first announced, $spyed's new position on dA, and if I remember it, well, it had to have happened after I joined.  This, logically, makes sense, does it not?  Please do not start to misread me here, this journal does not serve as a means for me to call people out as frauds and liars, I have just seen too much confusion on this site lately to sit idly by while deviants are desperately looking for something to hold onto as the truth in a dark room with no night-light.

I spent a lot of time today surfing dA for links to various things that pertain to this situation, and considering how much $jark affected all of us, I definitely had a lot of material to read through.  I would like to take the time to openly admit that, even though $jark did me the courtesy of removing my name from them, the black screenshots of dA you've all been seeing of comments that were deleted came from me, here's the entire thread before deletion, and here's a screenshot of the same URL after deletion.  `bookdiva grabbed some screenshots as well, and someone even went so far as to recreate a portion of the deleted thread in HTML format.  Please choose whichever version you'd like to read, as there are some interesting and enlightening things said.  I strongly suggest reading this thread, keeping in mind dA's own policy regarding comment deletion;

Can I remove or delete comments on my userpage or deviations?
There is no way to remove comments posted, as allowing this feature could lead to member abuse situations. In regards to your own comments, the main thing to remember is be thoughtful on where you are leaving comments, and make sure you do not say anything that you would want removed at a later date, as it cannot be done. Aside from this consideration, all comments are also kept for historical purposes.

I think it is important to remind you all that even though dA's policy states there is no way to remove comments posted, the powers that be (quite obviously) did not feel a need to obey their own rules in this situation.  This is just one point that =leliathomas makes in a deviation titled Not MY deviantPOLITICS.  I direct your attention to this deviation as it helps support the facts behind the actual founders of dA.  When you view this deviation please pay special attention to the interesting way =leliathomas supports her argument that $spyed is actually not the founder of dA he claims to be.  If any of you saw +mkinne's journal in December of last year, you were probably quite confused at the notion that we might someday be without $jark.  If you're curious as to what I'm going on about, please direct yourselves to this journal entry, titled the future of deviantART?, bearing in mind this entry was written in December of last year.  Does +mkinne have the power to predict the future?  Honestly, yes and no.  Where he had the beans to post what a lot of us were hearing out in public where everyone could read it, there were rumblings even before his journal was posted.  Props go to him for stepping up and bringing the issue out into the light of day.  I'm going to give you a helping hand here so you don't have to spend too long looking for $spyed's comment, it's right here.  Kind of funny how this all turned out, considering that comment.  The thread that stems from that comment is recent, however, but still.. we get no answers.

If you're sitting there wondering now after reading all of this, "What can I do?"  The answer is that you can do plenty.  You can show your support with a comment on this journal entry, or on $jark's userpage, you can write notes, send e-mails, you can blog on your own site about what's taking place here, you can sign =vurtunetech's petition by following this link, you can plan August 7, 2005 with some help from `onestar by reading his journal about taking back our community on deviantART's fifth birthday, or you can ponder the meaning of life while absorbing the message behind $jark's deviation, Things That Make You Go Hmm....  If you'd like more reading material, please direct yourself to `bookdiva's journal, located here.  We are not the only site suffering, there is an article up on WinCustomize about $jark's termination, too.  Let people know what's going on here, supply them with links and information, make sure people are educated, but please, I urge you, allow your friends and mates online to form their own opinions.  Please be civil as you wander the lonely hallways and corridors of dA, there is no need to treat another person poorly because they disagree with you.

Before anyone asks, as I'm sure some of you will.. this was my reply to $spyed's journal:

Packing your bags like people in the movies do,
All severe, and not saying a word,
And I'm sitting down here just watching you,
And I'm thinking; Where has all the love gone?
Where's the love gone to?
Don't leave.

You got me hurting,
Don't leave,
You know it's never been easy to love someone like me,
Oh, don't leave.

Hanging with friends like we used to do,
I didn't know anything was wrong,
And last night while I was thinking it through,
Trying to find who am I, and what d'you need me to do?
Don't leave.

There's a record you used to play,
There's Judy singing, "Best to be without you",
And I know just what she's singing.
Where did all the love go?
Where's the love gone to?
Don't leave.

You've got me hurting,
Don't leave,
You know it's never been easy to love someone like me,
Oh, don't leave.

Where did all the love go?
Where's the love gone to?

Don't leave.

Faithless - Don't Leave

she will be loved.

Thu Jul 28, 2005, 2:18 AM

this is a tragedy, i miss his $ already.

:liquify:, proud to be a deviantJARK supporter.

oooh, shiny!

Thu Jul 21, 2005, 9:39 AM

if you don't spend ten minutes in a trance induced by endosage's new icon then you are just denying how utterly hypnotizing it is!


thanks to mchase for helping me get it working, and mars from pp for helping me with that confusing as heck php code!

re: batty icons:
if you note me asking for a batty icon, or leave a comment on my user page (ohmygod i hate this one), and i don't reply, use your head, no answer means no. if i catch you using a batty that i did not make or approve, i will give you 24 hours to take it down, before pursuing a ban.

if you harass me via note or user comment, the only thing you achieve is pissing me off to the point that i am seriously tempted to hunt you down and stab you in the face so that you are maimed & disfigured for the rest of your life. if people don't take a hint and continue to harass me i am going to start posting your user names in the footer of my journal so that people can make fun of & mock you until the end of your days on dA (you've been warned.)

& we have our first mocking victim!, i just received five notes, within minutes of each other, from darkevil, each note said the exact same thing. feel free to mock at your leisure.

darkevil said the following:

Hi liquify...i would like to know if I could edit one batty for me!

been thankful...darkevil...:)

i make these icons for friends & artists that i admire & love, if you feel that is "elitist" then don't look at them & for the love of pete, leave me alone.

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Mon Jul 11, 2005, 6:26 AM
oh dear.. not having any caffeine for 3 - 4 days (been drinking nothing but juice & water) really jacked with my sleep schedule.  i've been sleeping for 10 - 12 hours a night for no real reason.  so i decided to drink some coffee tonight in hopes that when i did go to sleep i wouldn't sleep so much of the day away, i had maybe 2 cups?  keep in mind this is my first caffeine in about half a week.

cripes my stomach hurts, i'm dizzy, my eyes are all buggy, i'm wired, but tired as heck at the same time.. this is quite possibly the worst feeling of all time.


EDIT: oh man, this thread is like two years old, but it's about to be bumped off my activity.  probably one of the best laughs, ever.

re: batty icons:
if you note me asking for a batty icon, or leave a comment on my user page (ohmygod i hate this one), and i don't reply, use your head, no answer means no. if i catch you using a batty that i did not make or approve, i will give you 24 hours to take it down, before pursuing a ban.

if you harass me via note or user comment, the only thing you achieve is pissing me off to the point that i am seriously tempted to hunt you down and stab you in the face so that you are maimed & disfigured for the rest of your life. if people don't take a hint and continue to harass me i am going to start posting your user names in the footer of my journal so that people can make fun of & mock you until the end of your days on dA (you've been warned.)

i make these icons for friends & artists that i admire & love, if you feel that is "elitist" then don't look at them & for the love of pete, leave me alone.

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Fri Jun 3, 2005, 11:03 PM
"we fall, through water, unsung, unseen.
and days, thought endless, lose more, light and heat.

so let the dead bury their dead,
i should leave.

for i am, for i am overthrown.
confess to me now, confess to me now.

half in sunlight, and half in shade, words in collision.
i bend to your shape, i see the skull beneath the skin, i see it all.

for i am, for i am overthrown.
confess to me now, confess to me now.

for i am, for i am overthrown.
confess to me now, confess to me now.
tom mcrae - overthrown


"i'll sing it one last time for you, then we really have to go.
you've been the only thing that's right, in all i've done.

and i can barely look at you, but every single time i do.
i know we'll make it anywhere, away from here.

light up, light up, as if you have a choice.
even if you cannot hear my voice, i'll be right beside you dear.

louder, louder, and we'll run for our lives.
i can hardly speak i understand, why you can't raise your voice to say.

to think i might not see those eyes, makes it so hard not to cry.
and as we say our long goodbye, i nearly do.

light up, light up, as if you have a choice.
even if you cannot hear my voice, i'll be right beside you dear.

slower, slower, we don't have time for that.
all i want's to find an easier way, to get out of our little heads.

have heart, my dear, we're bound to be afraid.
even if it's just for a, few days, makin' up for all this mess.
snow patrol - run


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ze baton! ze baton!

Thu May 19, 2005, 6:34 PM
ok, so.. i think this is kinda neat since it's sort of like the tag game i've run twice here. nostrich has passed me the musical baton.

total volume:
170.4GB. (hi mom!)

last cd bought:
the prodigy - always outnumbered, never outgunned.

song playing right now:
2894. adam f [ drum and bass warfare (disc 02) #04 ] smash sumthin' ()ei3( remix (feat. redman))

five songs i listen to a lot, or mean a lot to me:
  • mindless self indulgence - molly
  • snow patrol - run (jacknife lee remix)
  • the prodigy - breathe
  • black eyed peas - let's get retarded
  • deftones - change (in the house of flies)

see also: audioscrobbler

five people i'm passing the baton to:


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thar be booty!

Mon Apr 25, 2005, 5:11 AM
everyone should play puzzle pirates on the midnight ocean with me.

link to the game is in my footer.



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Tue Mar 29, 2005, 2:53 PM
i'm starting to feel like loyalty to dA isn't appreciated anymore. :(

happy depressing dA birthday to me.


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Sun Mar 27, 2005, 8:38 AM
anyone know how to make wordpress look less, um, bad, in IE?  i use firefox and my blog looks fine to me but it looks horrible in IE and i'm not really in the mood for a code overhaul just yet.. still haven't decided on a layout.


hehe i figured out what the problem was, thanks to those who commented trying to help!


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do yourself a favour, read this journal entry by mkinne, the future of deviantART?.  comment, if you're so inclined.  if you know anything about the situation, or if you just want to support a cause, grab a button.

you can get the button here, or, if that site is down for some reason, you can get it here, from musicinmyhead.

after you're done with that, do yourself another favour, and read this deviation posted by newklear, The Future of deviantART?.  comment, again, if you're so inclined, after you've thought about what's been written, and thought about the comments that come before yours.

then tell me something,  what are you thinking, right now?



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Tue Aug 24, 2004, 9:10 PM
i am theirs.
i am yours.
i am his.
i am hers.

i am day.
i am night.
i am dark.
i am light.

i am all.
i am none.
i am many.
i am one.


interesting what you find when you're digging through an old hard drive moving stuff over to a new computer.  found this, "484.txt" in a folder full of random, unsorted crap.  i remember writing it, and i also remember it's not finished..

and as a bonus.. just found another one.


creep inside my head,
dream giver,
caress my mind to sleep.
dance unto mine eyes,
moon sliver,
the wounds of today cut deep.
dig into my heart,
sweet whisper,
the tears upon my cheek.

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