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Win Or You Die

"When you play the game of thrones, you win or you die. There is no middle ground."

Art Nouveau inspired design featuring all the major players in the Game of Thrones.

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Really great! Love it!! 
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Great Job!! I'm obsessed with GoT hahaha This is certainly one of my favorites!!
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Thank you very much :-)
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Great job, love your sigils. Especially Greyjoy and Arryn. I'm not sure about Tully though, looks too... lifelike. It's still good work :)
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Awesome design! I've voted :)
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aaamaziiing!!! love it!
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This is pretty awesome. When I first saw your piece and read the "win or die" I immediatly thought of GoT so you did good. The design also looks like a game, sort of wheel of fortune but without all the lights and carnaval stuff but with the unpredictability of the game just like in GoT.
Ah, I see now, the horse head symbol is suppose to represent the Dothraki instead of House Bracken.
Well in any case it still seems more symbolic to have the Kingsguard symbol opposite the Night's Watch symbol.
But at least it makes more sense now.
Hmm, I know you could've been aiming for visual symmetry but I believe it would be more pertinent to the overall meaning of the whole logo if you replaced the Horse Head symbol (of House Bracken?) with the Kingsguard Crown Symbol (from the HBO tv series) for "Symbolic symmetry" with the Night's Watch crow symbol (Pure white/Pure black; Defenders of the King/Defenders of the Kingdom; both forswear lands, titles and family; consider themselves to be brothers in a family, etc).
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Thank you for your input :-)

The horse head is actually suppose to represent the Dothraki rather than House Braken.

I can see that the Crown from the Kingsguard would be a good choice but as you say the symmetry would have been slightly off. I was also looking for a way to represent the religions of Westeros as well but I think the overall design may have become too cluttered.
Actually the horse head representing House Bracken is even more fitting than you might think, given that House Bracken (sigil of a horse) has been locked in a blood feud with House Blackwood (sigil of a raven) since the age of Heroes, and one of Westeros' most bloody series of wars (The Blackfyre Rebellions) had two opposing members of both houses as the sort of 'kingpins' of the conflict - Aegor 'Bittersteel' Rivers (bastard of House Targaryen & Bracken), and Brynden 'Bloodraven' Rivers (bastard of House Targaryen & Blackwood).
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