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Night's Watch

I decided I wanted to create a poster for the Night's Watch whos characters are another favourite of mine in the series.

As the Night's Watch don't have a sigil in the books I decided on using a crow as there heraldry due to them often being referenced as 'Crows'.

For their motto I took part of the Oath they take say before becoming part of the Black Brotherhood.

Based on the works of George RR Martin's A Song of Ice and Fire Saga
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May I use your design of this sigil in a fan art of mine, with credit to you?
Epic. Long live the black brothers from this day to my last
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Impressive. Have you ever thought about doing a Qhorin sigil?
Tomaolykos's avatar
I would join them.
alexkun87's avatar
cool! I like! :3
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how do we buy these as posters? i want one like nothing else!!
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Thanks :-) You can get them from my RedBubble if you are still interested.
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love the detail of the white claws
lookatire22's avatar
Love this. It's nice and clean. Good work!
Very cool! I like the part of the oath you chose for the words too
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Thanks :-)

There are several parts of the oath I like but as a motto I thought that "Sword in the Darkness" Is quite cool :-)
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Love it! So awesome, i love the Nights Watch and this sigil is perfect!
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Thank you, I think this is one of my favourites :-)
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