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House Lannister

House Lannister

Sigil - Lion

Motto "Hear Me Roar"

After watching the awesome Game of Thrones series I became slightly obsessed with each of the House's and their identity or sigil.

Having found the houses and thier representative sigils. I set about creating a vector for each one of them and creatine a poster. I hope you like them as much as I do.
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Could you tell me witch font did you use ?
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Looks like Gryffindor
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Slytherin is better
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I don't think a lion is the appropriate symbol for the Lannisters. Because they glorify themselves as lions and they think because the lion is the king of beasts it makes them better than everyone. But the thing is the Lannisters always seem to die in the most embarrassing and shameful ways, like being killed on the toilet, walking naked through the streets, getting their hands chopped off. And Lions don't pay their debts. And also Wolves work together, dragons breathe fire, vipers have poison, bears stand their ground and flowers have thorns.
Love this! Where can I buy the vector for this?
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Tyrion and Jaime :) Best Lannisters ever!

Guys Jaime did NOT rape Cersei in the books, the showrunners just messed it all up ... and if you haven't gotten to season 3 yet you don't know how awesome he is :)
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Tyrion is the only character I love in House Lannister.
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Tyrion is the only thing that makes Lannister awesome.
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A more appropriate motto would've been "I sh!t gold!" or at the very least "Repay your debts!"
I like that.

It would make a good bookmark.
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Indeed theese are very nice Looking Heraldic Logos. And i do like your efford ( as long as you share the Vector Files with us ).
Otherwise its just a little bit funny that you are using your Personal Watermark when allready using HBO Copyright Protected Graphic Material to sell Stickers and TShirts with theese Motives on
Is it possible to purchase this as a poster? Thank You!
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A Lannister Always Pays His Debts :D
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This would definitely be my house.
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Hi, amazing job!

May I ask, that lion looks a lot like the rampant lion which is used in real coat of arms (including mine, lol). Is this lion drawn from your mind? Is based on a real rampant lion? Or is totally from the art of game of thrones?

I think you know why am I asking… this lion looks better than real rampant lion and I would love use it for my family coat of arms. If is purely your art, could I use it?

Thanks for such outstanding job, really. I love your posters! :)
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Good work. You should make the sigil of extinct houses of westeros like a house Reyne or Blackfyre.
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I've done a personal one for Daemon Blackfyre :thumb331184431:
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sorry of my english xD
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