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After creating the Sigils for the House's in A Song of Ice and Fire series I decided I wanted to create a sigil and motto for the Dothraki.

I thought that a good representation for the Dothraki would be similar to the Horse Gate at Vaes Dotrak, so I opted for for tow horses rearing and counter charged.

I chose earthy colours for their field and the horses are a representative of the brass horses at the entrance to Vaes Dothrak.

I opted for the motto 'Blood Of My Blood".
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I really would like to thanks you :) We ( ShivaTheAeon and CatapumBlamBlam ) have cosplayed and photoshoped a picture using your logo :) I'll add a comment mentioning you if you want :)
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Thank you :-) and great work too :-)

If you could put a comment in refering back to the original that would be great :-)
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i cant stop watching this!!! its very good!!!
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No worries - sorry for fan-girling, your work is just awesome :)
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Do they still enslave towns, kill everything that moves and rape girls in every direction? It doesn't matter who's leading them. If they still do, I'm gonna have to think carefully before choosing to join.
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I think so :-)

But then most people in Westeros are just as bad they just do it in the name of a King ;-)
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Hey, this is awesome! I could see it hanging in Vaes Dothrak!
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