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Looking forward to my shoot with Whispers this week...have got some great ideas!
Mya later this month is booked and we have been collaborating on some concepts that will to continue to push my craft.  Ideas being discussed include hot wax, pegs and chopsticks...very excited!
Big thanks to Raven for telling her friend how much fun she had and now wanting to try Shibari herself.
I think there is a naughty girl in everyone who want to be tied up...
When I had an office job, that cute girl was ever elusive, the shop worker worked hard..
What really goes on is that shop attendant loves the idea of being tied up naked. That sexy librarian DOES pose for Penthouse, the cute make up artist likes to dress in Latex, that cute girl is an exhibitionist and loves to pose sexy with little or nothing on. do I know this?  I photograph them!  Its as simple of asking them if they are interested in posing form me.  The bolder I am for the brief, the bolder the project.  No tricks or deceit...just "...are you interested in a photoshoot ? "
I have never had a model not enjoy or trust me.
I am married and 44......if I knew it was as easy asking 20 years ago......
Looking forward to where photography will take me in the future.