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The Smoke-Off

Ill-Advised Smoke-Off sketch commission for Barnabashale.
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Hes going up against the most powerful members of team lung cancer.
Rizmacaya's avatar
Pfffff. Spy's sitting on dynamite.
nice touch drawing him like the disney donkey
medrigal's avatar
the spy is the greatest smoker there isSurprise Spy emote 
SansIsntReal's avatar
DoctorWhoViolinist's avatar
they're both just like amateur XD  
DaemonBomb-Inc's avatar
doesn't a Scout NEED his lungs to be healthy to you know RUN?
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Knoire's avatar
love that even though its black and white the shades give it so much personality along with the expressions and poses, beautiful art :'DD
Team-Friction's avatar
Soldier wins. He's smoking something that should rightly kill him, and doesn't even blink.
CaptainPrower's avatar
Alt. title: Peer Pressure
SkyeLyrical's avatar

Well, that's the last time he bets for a hat in a smoking contest.


Ribbon-San's avatar
Don't laugh, Spy - that cigar's headed for YOUR leg.
PankakeCarnivor's avatar
Ahahah good pun intended 
StevenGordonArt's avatar
This is hilarious, and perfectly in-character; the Scout would think he's a big man and smoke a cigar...

Your drawing style fits also, with that pseudo-old timey look.
ivyhollivana's avatar
Lovely expressions! And your lines flow beautifully. Wonderful job. c:
licerbob's avatar
lol newb haha I like it ! :P
licerbob's avatar
*scout is a newb, not you lol
Petraphobia's avatar
Poor Scout! Hopefully he'd be now smart enough to avoid smoking. :3
Zartbitter-Salat's avatar
That's awesome~ Look at his face, poor boy xD Maybe he should not have started with a cigar Oo
And that little competition is even more thrilling considering that they are sitting on boxes of dynamite xD
AlexandraAlex's avatar
omg, i never noticed until u said so, what a bunch of crazy mofoes!! XD
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