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a disagreeably windy day - ls

a disagreeably windy day

Somewhat unfinished.

Check that scarf out. It takes a real man to wear that much wool (and, of course, curly boots. Every potions professor needs curly boots).

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I love that scarf--and your style! :D
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This is fantastic.. Thank you.
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i saw this pic a while ago, im glad i found the artist :)
i love it
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what did you use to color it?
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I saw this image years ago on a Snape website, I cannot even remember which one, and I've been looking for the artist for ages to say... This is a tatoo on my left calf. It's the most beautiful rendition of Snape ever and I wanted it permanently on me. I got it about four years ago, and it's the only tatoo that I have, it's THAT awesome.

And it's BIG. Goes around my leg.
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My gosh, that's amazing! Do you happen to have a picture of it at all? I'd love to see it.
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I have temporarily replaced a posted poem image with a pic of the tatoo. It'll come down again eventually, but here it is for you to see it:

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That looks marvelous! Thank you for sharing, and thank you for the compliment of getting my art on you!
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Curly boots and curly everything!!!

I completelly love this one! *-*

Congrats! Traditional art rules!!!
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This is just great, really love your style !
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How cool, i love the draw =D
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I love Snape almost as much as I love extrodinarily long scarves.
cecelle's avatar
That made me smile! :-)
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Love it!

I want those boots!!!
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That's, like, 20 sheep right there:rofl:
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all wizards wear curly boots! [link]
... even the smaller ones! nice one, I like your style ...
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lolz. curly boots. :D :D :D
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the scarf just screams manliness
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This art is featured in my journal I hope you don´t mind....
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It's just amazing!!!! I love it, especially the way it looks like Snape's disintegrating!!! Great colors too!!! What did you use?
SomnolentImages's avatar
Awesome drawing! :clap: I can really feel the movement :D
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