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Advanced potions class - ls

An experiment on volatile potions ingredients in a large flask.

If you can pick the original painting that this is based upon, then your knowledge of somewhat obscure British painting history is fantastic. There's also a bonus H/D joke in there, obvious to anyone who knows the original painting. :giggle:
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Haha, poor Harry and Draco, or not depending on your opinion. It's by Joseph Wright, my Frankenstein book has this on it's cover lol, great job.
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hahahaha great work.
i'm familiar with the original, but i was always horrible at remembering artists names in art hist.
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awr ^_^ hehe how cute
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Wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo oooooooooow :jawdrop: :+fav:
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It's "Experiment With An Air Pump"! Can't remember the name of the bloke who originally painted it, but Paul Kidby also parodied it on the cover of "Science of Discworld". Hooray for visual art jokes! This is cracking, I love all the shading (the angles of light and shadow are spot on. Snape's smug look is wonderful, ans I can't help but grin at the fact that Draco is is the position of the woman in the original painting! *snicker* Wonderful!
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Well, any Pratchett fan will have had a recent reminder of the painting. Glad to see you're not killing any birds in your version.
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Ooh, I know that painting! It's with a bird inside the flask! Tee hee :XD: Well done :)
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*laughs* I used to have a poster of that painting in my room, but when I moved it got ripped in the edges (and some of the wallpaper too ... they just refused to part). I used to make up stories about the characters, they have so much personality. *snickers*

love it!
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I remember the painting in my art history book and reading about, but we didn't go over it in class. Poor birdy go sleepy.

I think it was around the time that Romanticism started, because of the dramatic/different lighting involved. Can't remember for sure.
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Bah. I'm stumped as well (paid more attention to Lucian Freud and Francis Bacon).

Style reminds me of the Edward Gorey intro from "Murder!". I loved that show.
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..darn I have no idea what it's from.. but it is really freakin cool though :D you're style is so different and awesome and i love it as always.
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Thats awesome! :D I have no clue what the painting is though. Could you tell us, so everyone gets the joke? :)
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I like it, it's very nice, it's like some japanese cartoon drawing. The only thing I am wondering is that, the tone of the whole pictures is a little dark, I mean... the strokes, it's hard to see what they are actually doing.:confused:
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i've seen this painting in the national gallery! however, since i am an art plebian, i have to rely on my girlfriend's much greater knowledge of art, since she actually wrote an essay on it; it's 'experiment with the air-pump' by joseph wright. and in the actual painting, the guy in the centre looks uncannily like peter stringfellow. *shudder*
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I love this picture!
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Well, I know the painting and commented in your lj, so I won't say anything here! Apart from, I'm favouriting this. It makes me slack-jawed with jealousy. Wonderful composition.
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you got me stumped....but that's not hard to do. :D

excellant work :!:

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aaaaww I can't pick that painting...:shakefist:
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I know original painting I forgot who exactly paint it. But you lose a pigeon :D
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