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Ultimates5 Alt Cover

Ultimates 5 Cover

Ok. This is a repeat... I had to take it down the first time through, but I think I'm ok now.

Art the amazing Joe Madureira/Paints me.

NOTE: Thanks for all the nice comments first time through, and my apologies for having to yank it...

NOTE2: Someone asked this before, and it got yanked with the previous post. Don't quote me on this, but to do this piece, Joe basically erased the faces from the regular cover and re-drew them in robot fashion... to those that would want to buy the original art of the teamshot ... it doesn't exist anymore... :)
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This is so badass. I have to draw this myself
ChosenDefect's avatar
You two are a force to be reckoned with. You working exclusively with Marvel these days?
vampeer1's avatar
very cool digital colors:)
Rugely's avatar
REALLY bad-ass! Great concept, and beautifully illustrated!
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taughtbyabadgermole's avatar
Captain america's alternate is the terminator lol
Christophe-Chiozzi's avatar
Greatest paint, specially for the characters.
leondeyon's avatar
one of my favorite comics. have the comic and the hardback. pure epicosity
Schelp's avatar
Fuck yeah!!!
Congratulations man, this is awesome!!!
CORTEXER's avatar
Robots rock!!!
Feindall's avatar
woooo!!!! muy buen manejo de las sombras te quedo exelente y la remasterización de los heroes a maquinas malignas notable XD
ZoneLabs's avatar
Just awesome.
raidenlloyd1's avatar
The Transformers are really taking the next step.
gulavisual's avatar
Ironman do not change so much I think!
vimcarlo's avatar
mattayodemeyero's avatar
Gogeous, one of myb favs. Mind me asking what software you use to color these illustrations? I'm looking to polish my turds a bit.
GREATTT!! Amazing!
titus-k's avatar
God, this is so fucking great.
wtf? the avengers as terminator robots?
chicagostyl3's avatar
looks sick!! nice work man!!
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