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Ultimates3 Page 11

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Ultimates3 - Page 11

Page from the interiors.

Art amazing Joe Mad/Color me.
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I wish I can draw like this
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Absolutely awesome! Flawless, I'd say. I can really feel Thor's power just by looking at him. Also, fav'd. :]
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stop with the awesomeness that is you and joe! can't absorb much more! :crazy: I have a line art piece that needs your help [link]
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Thor is just amazing!
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You and Joe make the best Venom of all time. If there was a venom award you would have 4.
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Marvelous!! I got a question! Who's that girl next to Venom again?
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Wait! It's Valkyrie, right?
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haha i bet vemon won't try that again
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yeah he seals the deal............
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dude i baught this comic simply for the colouring and artwork, you guys are amazing!
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You and Mad make an absolutely FANTASTIC team
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awsome scene ¡¡
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This is amazing! I love the colors on this. The lightening looks so.. well I can't think of another word to use so I am just going to go with awesome! :D
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Did you finish any colouring tutorials lately? :poke:

:flirty: That Thor works out a lot, doesn't he? He should be cloned. :clone:
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okk yeah this is amazingly awsome
how did you get that good man wow
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I think "Ultimates" really means "ultimate artists", starting with Bryan Hitch, then Joe Mad and Hopefully soon Ed McGuinness! Awesome colors, man!
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wooooaaaaaaahhhhhh thor!!!

(i wonder if thor and storm ever met each other ahehe)

havent got a copy of ultimates but im plannin to by the whole series

anyway whos that girl?
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Is ultimates a series ?
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yes - ultimates#3 is a five issue series, then someone else will be doing their take/run.
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so u are working only on a part of the 3logi ?
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