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So this would be the final Cover -- Joe and I both felt that the cover image should be a bit more vibrant so that it would jump out a bit more when its sitting on the shelves.

Drawn by Joe Madureira/Painted by me.
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Comments (131)
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EmageningFun|Hobbyist General Artist
Your a pro
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Mwelwa-Musonko's avatar
mad is careless!!!!amazing work!
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guadania|Student Traditional Artist
Este debe ser x mucho el mejor dibujo/arte/obra maestro q he visto en mi vida. Sr. q pudo darle color, además del excelente trabajo del artista previo, su toque cromático es magistral. ;)
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RedWingsDragon's avatar
Awesome work here
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This is the MOST Awesome cover I have ever seen for a comic! Does anybody know where I can get a full sized poster of this very image in 32x24? I would love to have this on my wall!
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TitanDraugen|Hobbyist Digital Artist
I..I can't even express it into words... :ohnoes:
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Deadpool2000's avatar
I like Multiple Man better as a hero not some Guy Who Duplicates himself and Magneto Uses them as Suicide-Bombers.
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ravengurl11|Hobbyist General Artist
sabretooth looks hot...
The epic in this picture is beyond all measurements, the only thing that could make it better is some music and slow-motion :V
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5373N7AY7R35's avatar
5373N7AY7R35|Professional Traditional Artist
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I would just like to say thank you (and joe) so much for this piece of art.
I've bought a big panorama poster of this while i was in the UK, and i'm having it framed all along a wall in my house.

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WillGArt|Hobbyist General Artist
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poweredbyboredom's avatar
I have only one word,

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MirkAssassin's avatar
Love your guy's work, your color and rending skills along with joe's designs make my right brain have an artgasm.
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Xavier-Ninjit|Hobbyist General Artist
I think this picture is great, I saw it in my Marvel Encyclopedia.
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HerCar's avatar
Awesome man !!!!
KillerDraw !!!
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luisochoa|Professional General Artist
I love how magneto doesn't give a F*#k about what's going on

hes's just showing off for the camera
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Griff-84|Professional Filmographer
I know you hear this all the time but this is F ING amazing. It's my favourite book. Great work
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Hell of a work
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Sweet work! Do you do tutorials? I cant find anything on cs4 that is useful for this type of results! You say no talent, we say that's your opinion! You are very talented!
Thank you for posting such a wonderful collection!
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LT-metamorphose-LT|Student Filmographer
Bought the comic book and I loved the artwork, extremely awesome!!!XD
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trungles|Professional General Artist
Just bought Ultimates 3 trade for its vibrant visual work. Totally inspiring stuff.
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jump out? This is more like IN YOUR FACE haha awesome work man really damn
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