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Marvel released this double pager from issue #1 in PREVIEWS.

Looks like someone is about to open up a can of whoop-#$S on poor Venom...

Drawn by Joe Madureira/Painted by me.
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Trying to ignore the opening page, four pages ago, of the infamous Stark Romanov leak that got the garbage book in trouble in the first place? Kudos, Jeph Loeb. Kudos.
Barf Rainbow Barf 
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Looks sp awesome. Love the ink and colors.
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Very Cool piece...and Lady Sif looks Damn Sexy! Joe Mad is the Best!
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really fine work!
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Goodness she might as well fight naked if you ask me
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Nipples!!! yeah!
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Whats the woman's name?
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Круто круто и еще раз круто!
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One of the best pictures I've seen from Valkyrie!
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one of the best spreads .... ever ... this is what made me buy the book
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So glad I found this while searching for Battle Chasers. Your art on this book was phenomenal!!! I can't wait till The Iron Saint comes out. Please post some of that if you have any.
ohhh yaaaa you make the color woooowwww you two are a great team
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Oh my god it looks like joe did a grown up version of the little girl "Gully" from his unfinished comic battle chasers,she definately looks like a grown up version of cool.
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Very great colors! ...and Madureira forever! ;)
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Christ, man, youre good....
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Man this run was the tops, I read this book over numerous times after seeing the art inside it, any chance you'd submit that page where Valkyrie drops down and cleaves venom down to the sternum and such? When I saw that I actually out loud went "Ohhhh!"
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Thanks! -- I only posted the stuff I was allowed to post... I wish I could post more...
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Oh I gotcha! That makes sense than, but you know the panel I'm talkin about, and I just got to say again how completely awesome it was.
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This piece has been featured in the news article "Mari's Top Favourites": [link] in the category "Heroic action!" :)
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who's the funky guy at the bottom (center)?
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