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Onslaught Reborn Cover

Onslaught Reborn

Cover to Onslaught Reborn. Drawn by Joe Madureira, painted by me.
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Love so much that cover... still wishing for seing it in HD one day...

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Spoiler Alert: Thor Wins.

 .....Well, OK, I guess that wasn't really a spoiler.
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That's mad! You can almost feel the power in the picture! Amazing.
this is excellent. i actually ordered the comic  just for the cover. what program do you use and how long did this take
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I absolutely Love your work!!! Could you make some of my pencil work look that good!?! My work is no were close to any of these artists though.
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MAD + Liquid > Jim Lee + Scott Williams + Alex Sinclair
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Sick cover!!!
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a epic battle always a favourite
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Chris....can you do a tutorial on colors....and how you work perhaps?
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Very nice, colors look fantastic!
love the motion.powerful drawing!
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perfect motion and action, congratulations ;)
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Thor vs. Hulk... this is AWESOME!!!:la:
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Hello, I want to tell you that I have always loved your colors, I seem impressive, the situation improves a lot of action in the scenes ^ ^, I hope someday to reach that level ^^
i love HULK but his is little idiot but his very very strong he can beat thor wolverine and more magic is like sh*t with him :D
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Thor wins. Period.
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While Thor's busy hammering on the Hulk, some archetypal super-super villain like Onslaught's going to step in and knock both of them to Cleveland.
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Thor...hulk enough said.
i must say your colours are the best i've ever seen. the blending is flawless and just the use of colour is awe-inspiring. your work with joe mad on ultimates 3 is what got me hooked on becoming a comic artist. you two are what i aspire towards.
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