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Darksiders Promo

Darksiders Promo

War kicking another 'nasties [tm]' butt!

This is another Darksiders piece Joe and I did, and again, if
you're a fan, make sure you check out the game when it hits the stores -- the guys working on this game are awesome, and I can't wait for it to come out!

Art Joe Madureira/Paints Christian Lichtner...
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Does TM in your description stand for trademarked?
War kicking another nasty's trademarked butt! XD
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lets make art babies
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I actually have the chance to get the foam board poster... signed by Joe. But the guy selling it wants a small fortune.

Nice work BTW!
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Amazing! Congrats!
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ahh...sweet memories.

i love your picture. it´s simply amazing
frozenstarbaby's avatar
Huge fan of comic book art translations,to games, so far (bryan hitch ,hulk,joe mad, darksiders) lovin it!
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Epic piece, a perfect image what War is.
where do i go to get to draw like this?
love this!!
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It's a GREAT GAME! I hope you guys do the sequel of it.
I think Joe's pencil and your colors are the ultimate combo! Nothing better!!
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i cannot wait for darksiders 2 ^_^ excellent work here, truely shows off War as he truely is
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the game was amazing, great story great gameplay and your artwork does it justice:)
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love Joe's work - so heavy knuckly and Nasty - great stuff
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Phil-Crash-Murphy's avatar
Great game excellent colours. :)
BlazingDragonKnight7's avatar
So cool! Darksiders ROCK!!!:headbang:
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this is sweet +fav :)
carnt wait for the second darksiders one to come out :)
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LOL! They're all wearing gilly suits made out of dinnerware!
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Nicely done.

Though to quote Yahtzee Crosshaw: "It's like someone sat down, started designing War's character and never stopped! It's like a coral reef with legs!" xD
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So ffffffing awesome
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this game is bad ass. i'm playing it right now second dungon
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