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Naruto Ninja Scroll Tutorial

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I wasn't really planning on making this a DA tutorial, but I just had to use my camera because it's been such a long time since I took any pictures with it :3.

You might want to check the actual tutorial video if you're going to build this:

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This is wonderful I really want to make use of my scroll but you sparked a great idea thanks ^~^
That is awesome! (I love Naruto!)
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That's Cool,I Loved!
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Are the caligraphy figures fire village or something?
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If all goes well... I should hopefully be able to make something like this for my borther's Naruto cake! (fingers crossed) XD thank you! ^^
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This is a really easy and fast tutorial for any costume. If I ever need to make a scroll I will look this up. Thanks!
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That's so cool! Awesome. :)
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oh mai gawh, thx for this tutorial :D
made a few scrolls myself today :)
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Haha you're welcome.
Glad it helped.
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I've just searching for something like this, you've saved my life ♥
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aww you're welcome!
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*I was just searching
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neat peeps- im temped to try
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thanks for the tutorial!! it's beautiful!!! ^^
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its useful >< thank you
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Aww thank you! I hope it is n__n
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THAT is sooo cool!!
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i cant use wood so im ganna use card bord and tishyou paper :D but thx any way
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It looks nice, but it isn't really use-able? Great for cosplays but I want to make one that can actually be opened and written on xP
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oooooh, ok! lol I can see how this scroll wouldn't work out for you xD.
If you want to make a real useable scroll, then you'd have to replace the crafting foam with real paper and then perhaps add colored paper on the underside to make it look more naruto-like.

chances are that you're not going to find paper that's long enough unless you buy those humongus 1 meter wide rolls of paper that are usually used in schools and such. and if you make the scroll too thick, it's gonna be rather heavy.

but nothing's impossible!
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like this? [link]

It´s made of extra large lavatory paper, it´s very strong (you can paint over it as you see and it would be perfeclty fine as long as it´s not wet, use acrylic better)

This kind of paper is the one used at Fine Arts
schools for example. You can also buy it ^^

The sides are masking tape coloured with acrylics, too ^^
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