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Europa is one of my favorite worlds that reside within our solar system. Its vast oceans are frozen making this Jovian moon a bright celestial body as the ice reflects a lot of light. The small orb floating between Jupiter and Europa is another moon called Io.
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Hi Liquid Nerve - would love to use this in a project I’m working on. Any chance I could buy the rights?

Hmm, the angles are kinda throwing me off. Europa, Io and the rings are all pretty much on the same plane, so seeing Jupiter tilted like this is pretty disorienting. But that's a really small nitpick, and the orange glow of volcanism on Io is a nice touch.
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Hmmmm a interest point.

Jupiter rings.
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Do you know how I can get a high res version of this? It's amazing!
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I'm dying :BOC: ANIMATED! this is amazing
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Fits my 1600-900 desktop [i]almost[/i] perfectly.
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There's a lot of cool planet/sky art out there, but this one is pretty neat in that it's quite plausible :)

Can I use this image in a YouTube video? It will be a static background image to one of my songs. A high-resolution version without the watermark would be preferable.

I will, of course, credit you as the artist and provide a link to your deviant art page (or another site if you prefer it.)

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Awesome! Just simply awesome. :D It looks like someone just walked outside a capsule and took a photo.
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Thank you for your kind words. Its been a while since I've worked on any photoshop. Your compliment might very well be the jump start I need to get back into it.
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Awesome! :D Good luck!
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This picture is so beautifut and great, really can do me imagine who I was here.
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Thank you for your kind words, my friend
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O.o very nice!!!!!!!!!!!!!:):clap::clap::clap::clap::clap::clap::clap::clap:
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Excellent vision of Europa !
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Great work!
Featured: [link]
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What's interesting is that the cloud band that the Red Spot is part of has actually disappeared in the last 6 months. Just goes to show how dynamic and active these worlds can be.
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Ironically, this is the only actual piece that shows the moon Europa that I found when I looked up "Europa" in the search bar. I don't even think any of the others had anything to do with Roman mythology.

But that's alright. The sheer amazing-ness of this awe-inspiringly beautiful image make up for devart's lack of other such pictures.
Someday we'll get to go there. I just wish I'd be alive to see it. I wan't to see what's under that ice.
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Very pretty! Nice work!
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