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Fnuzzlee's Christmas Crossover 2021 (YCH COLLAB) by LiquidFrogStudios, visual art

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Fnuzzlee Anatomy (The Perfect Pet) by LiquidFrogStudios, visual art

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Krystal - Adventures by LiquidFrogStudios, visual art


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CURRENT STATUS: BUSY CURRENTLY... Playing - Pokemon Sword Watching - Nothing Reading - Nothing Studying - JavaScript


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******************** BIOGRAPHY ********************

Liquid I'm just some depressed clown who likes to draw silly stuff to make people happy, and to make my own life slightly more bearable. I'm currently studying to be a programmer, but some day I would like to create and publish my own comics, video games and more. I'm a completely self-taught artist with no formal education in visual art, and I don't have a lot of free time to practice, so it will be a tough journey... You can help by giving me feedback, and supporting me through faves, watches etc. If you don't want to support me, then, suit yourself...

I'm the creator of many "original characters", my most popular being Felicity Nuzz Lee (better known by her pet name, Fnuzzlee), a foxy lady who will have an important role in my multimedia franchise. I don't know if she will stay the main character, of if there even will be a central protagonist, but expect to see a lot of her in the future. I also draw a lot of fanart (especially Pokemon), furries, and attractive females, since those are what the Deviant Art community cares about the most. I used to draw a lot of weird and disturbing art, and I still do from time to time, so hopefully you won't find that too jarring after browsing cute animals and furry girls in the rest of my gallery.

Fnuzzlee in the Temple

About the stupid username: it is named after the first painting posted I here, titled "Liquid Frog". No more questions...

(If you'd like to donate to support me, I would most appreciate it:

Nightowl Stamp
Self taught artist - stamp
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I love when people draw my characters stamp

Favourite Visual Artist
I have eclectic tastes, but I mostly like digital art, especially character art (recently I've been quite taken with anthropomorphic art, but that doesn't make me a furry!)
Favourite Movies
Old comedies and sci-fantasy stuff
Favourite TV Shows
Classic Doctor Who, British comedies, Various old school cartoons
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Mostly video game soundtracks
Favourite Books
Murder mysteries, particularly "And Then There Were None"
Favourite Games
Legend of Zelda, Other Nintendo stuff, Indie games
Favourite Gaming Platform
PC, 3DS, Switch
Tools of the Trade
Computer Mouse, Tablet, MS Paint, Paint.NET, Krita

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HAPPY HALLOWEEN! by LiquidFrogStudios, journal

How do you eat your mashed potatoes?

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With a fork. Pixel Volbonan Icon
With a spoon. Twisted Spoon
Using chopsticks. Chopsticks
Using a straw. Space Milk
With your bare hands! clap clap
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I don't eat mashed potatoes! Blog Angery Angry
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Another of my first 50 watchers just unwatched me after my Fnuzzlee meme upload. Someone who has faved many of my artworks over the past year, and I had faved artworks for just as many times. Someone who I had even featured in one of my art collections during Halloween. I understand that these risqué anthro drawings aren't for everyone, which is why it has been assigned a mature rating. I don't expect all my watchers to enjoy, or even to click on these types of drawings. That is why I offer a variety of content, to please ALL my fans. So, for someone to unwatch over a single drawing not appealing to their tastes, comes across to me as incredibly selfish and petty. And this isn't the only time this sort of thing has happened either. It angers me even more when it is someone who I had talked to or joked with in the past. Someone who claimed to enjoy my characters, or my art style. When they unwatch, I feel like they lied to me. It makes me feel like I can't tell my friends from my
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Why do people watch then immediately unwatch?

34 votes
Because they are spammers, trying to advertise commissions, adopts etc
Because they are trolls, purposely trying to annoy you Troll
Because they are stupid Derp
All the above :juggle: revamp
Another reason? Totally Not Suspicious-Emote
I don't know why... Clueless + plz with new shading!
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My Original Characters (donut steel)


Fnuzzlee HD Anniversary

Fnuzzlee is a familiar with a mischievous personality. When she isn't playing pranks, she likes to show her kinder side by sharing hugs.


Commodore Quack

C. Quack is a British naval officer. He is highly patriotic, and also rather old-fashioned


Spike HD

Spike is a metallic alien. Formerly loyal to the intergalactic Spikonion empire, he is now a renegade fighting against them.


The Grin Returns

A radioactive alien who abducts animals for experiments. He too has an impish personality, but unlike Fnuzzlee, he has no good side. He is a deranged, evil lunatic, though apparently he wasn't always like this...


A wicked zombie slasher from a cursed mansion. He wants revenge on those responsible for his demise, and any other idiot who gets in his way.

Return of Corey the Corpse


Requests and Commissions by others

Fnuzzlee by grillyf (gift)
Fnuz by xXGalaxic-DemonXx (gift)
Ana Maria and Thicc Fnuzzlee by raphaelcarrard
Fnuzzlee by xXGalaxic-DemonXx (gift)
Fnuzzlee Muffin by SpookyMuffin4545 (request)
Fnuzzlee by MountainMint (request)
Fnuzzlee by ToxicDraggon (fanart)
Fnuzzlee by VylFour (art raffle prize)
Fnuzzlee by Mrsquidgereen's Fursonsa Maker
The Fnuzzle Anatomy by Hachi-Araumi
Fnuzzllee by TheEverWanderingFox (request)
Fnuzzle by XxCutearioXx (request)
Fnuzzlee Icon by Kirakumachi (gift)
Fnuzzlee by iotadraws (request)
The Grin by SilverWitch42
Fnuzzlee by zeekemon (request)
Fnuzzlee QD by Sapheron-Art (quick draw)
Fnuzzlee by Omega-valeth-sama (request)
Fnuzzle by Zibarian (request)
Fnuzzlee by dbitsme (request)

Donation Pool

Help Me Reach 500 Watchers!

Well, the donation pool's there too if you want to... The money goes to charity, of course! /S

Seriously though, if you really want to help me out as an artist, consider donating a watch. That costs you nothing, and will help improve the visibility of my page, even if it is just a ghost watch. I would really appreciate it! (And I would, of course, return the favour!)

140/150 points

Useful Information

I love when people draw my characters stamp
Self taught artist - stamp
I Don't Use Bases Stamp
Stamp - Mouse User

******************** READ THIS: ******************** ART SHARE POLICY: You're free to draw fanart of my characters or share my art on other sites if you want (but not Twitter; that place is toxic), but please let me know beforehand. Please also credit me, and link back to my space here on DeviantArt. You are not allowed to post any of my art/characters and claim them as your own. That is art theft, a serious violation of copyright, and I will do my utmost to ruin your life over it. So, don't bother trying.


Since watching over 2,000 people here, I'm a bit stingy with watches now, but I'll still try to watch back everyone who watches me. Watching someone doesn't necessarily mean I like them personally, support their beliefs, or condone their actions (usually I know very little about the personal lives of the artists I watch).

If I give you a watch, you don't have to give me one back, but it would be polite, and I would be very grateful for your support. Please don't beg me in the comments to watch you though, unless you are willing to share me some support.

If you randomly decide to unwatch me, I will unwatch you. Sorry, but several people now have watched me just to make me watch them, then unwatch me. It is very rude. Don't try to watch then immediately unwatch me either: I'm not stupid.


I return llamas to anyone who gives me a llama, since it is the polite thing to do. Occasionally I might not notice you have given me a llama, and if so, I am sorry. I also give out free llamas to artists I quite like the art of, or see have some potential. Also a good way of checking off artists whose pages I have visited!


I fave pics I like enough to add to my collection. I don't fave highly NSFW content, even if it is good art, sorry! If you draw a lot of NSFW art, I'll usually try to find a SFW drawing to include in my collection, if I can find any. I also don't fave art I feel is too controversial or political, since I don't want to alienate my fans. If I like 4 or more of your pics, I'll usually give you a watch, unless I forget to click your watch button...

Sorry if it appears that I am faving your art in quick succession without looking at them: I carefully examine all art before faving, but I often have several tabs open before I start faving. I try to avoid "fave bombing", and will usually limit myself to four or five at most, at a time.

I sort the art I fave into different themed folders depending on the aesthetics I think they reflect best. There's no need to thank me each time DeviantArt notifies you I put your art in a folder... and please don't get annoyed because I put your art in a folder you don't like the name of, or because I am faving too much of your art: that's just dumb, and you should be thankful I am trying to support you!

I'm grateful, but I don't thank for single faves on my own art. Not because I'm mean, but because I would never have any time free if I did that! I will usually thank you at least once if you fave a bunch of my stuff though.


I'm always up for a chat! Comment on one of my artworks or journals here, and I'll probably respond (unless you say something really stupid or provocative). You can also chat to my characters on certain drawings featuring them: they might even give you a "cuddle" if you ask them nicely!

Please don't DM or Chat me unless you are a friend of mine, or you have something important to say to me (like wanting a commission when they are open).

Sometimes, depending on what mood I'm in, I might comment on other deviants' artwork. My comments might be complimentary, they might be intended to be humorous, they might even be informative: whatever the case, if I comment on your art it is usually because I like it, so there's no need to take offense. Feel free to comment back, because I'm always happy to talk to those who drew art I enjoy! DISCIPLINARY POLICY: Unwatch me, and I will unwatch you. Rewatch me, and I am not obliged to rewatch you, but I might if I am feeling forgiving. Unwatch me more than once, and I will most likely block you. If you pretend to like my art/characters and act like a friend for a long time, then unwatch for seemingly no reason, I may also block you. I have no time for fakers. Insult or troll me, and I will block and possibly even report you. I'm not going to say anything funny to you, so you needn't bother. Just grow up. No spamming or self-advertising in my comments sections. This includes scrolling past all my artwork just to post in my comments "Thanks for the fave!" and a thumbnail of another artwork you want me to fave. I may turn a blind eye to this if you at least take the time to support me back though.


People on this site are often quiet, but I really would like feedback. Feedback helps me improve, helps me realise my dreams, and helps me entertain more of you guys! Keep it constructive though, otherwise I may treat it as an insult and act accordingly.

I currently don't offer any proper feedback or critiques myself, because I am only a hobbyist artist, and I don't think my insight would be that valuable. If you really want me to give my opinion on your art though, just ask.


You are welcome to draw any of my characters, as long as you acknowledge me as the character's creator, and provide a link to my gallery here. I'd even be willing to pay for commissions, but sadly I have no money; not even enough DA points...

Currently I am only offering requests to watchers of mine who I am friendly with. I may offer cheap commissions in the future, but nothing controversial or NSFW. I am also willing to offer art trades, though it depends on how busy I am. Watchers can DM me about it, and I'll let them know if/when I am available to do my part of the trade.


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Thanks for the llama!

Thanks for all the faves, my dearest watcher, I hope you are well this season, have a merry Xmas and a happy new year!

Thank you for the Fav!:+fav::meow:

Thanks for the faves !

No problem at all! Thanks for the faves returned! : D

Thank you for the faves