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Venom: Damned Nightmare II

By liquidd-1
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Part of The Collaborators Series that I'm creating with various artistic friends. The great thing about artists is that our styles and strengths are so diverse. This diversity allows us to play off of one another's artistic strengths and create more powerful pieces. Hopefully my Collaborators series will showcase how we can use diversity to achieve unity.

The following piece (Venom:TDN II) is a collab between myself (colors and effects), *spidersman1208 (line art) and bg assisted render compliments of Tirzah [link] .

primary medium: corel photopaint

primary medium: pencil
credit info: You can find spidersman1208's original render (which is entitled "Venom: The Damned Nightmare") here: *spidersman1208

primary medium: KPT Fraxplorer. You can view the original version here: [link]
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© 2004 - 2021 liquidd-1
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Love this! Have you done any of Carnage? 
WatchTheNightmare's avatar
That is fantastic! WOW!
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Omg, when i saw this my jaw literally dropped!
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Oh my god, this is absolutely beautiful. Not only quality fanart, but quality art, period. Gorgeous.
ladykeara's avatar
See? Where was this version of Vemon when the movie was created, hmm? Awesomeness...
Neosun7's avatar
Such an absolutely gorgeous piece! Playing to everyone's strengths really paid off! It's brilliant in colors, design, and background!
hihowareyou2's avatar
i love the expretion on his face.
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Thanks! Had fun playing with this piece.
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Amazing pic. Thanks for doing some justice to my favorite superhero.
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I do anything to get the suit on me, I love the pic ^^
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wow this is amazing
i found this on google last year and used it for an art project but didnt know who to credit. Its posted in my galery if you want to look but i just thought i would let you know that i used this. If you have any issues with that then i will take it off
moatripneedspeople's avatar
holy crap that is...that is...words cannot describe how awesome that is
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I can't remember if I've commented on this before, but I love this piece, it fantastic!!
Love Eddie's expression. Looks like he's so depressed to have Venom taking over his body.
cody316's avatar
looks like venom bought some bad toothpaste.....

great pic though
Avail06's avatar
that's Eddie's hair, not Venom's teeth
NanasFreak's avatar
i've seen this art in photobucket numerous times, and was wondering who made it haha
giggavega's avatar
This is my favorite piece on Venom to date,seems so tragick.I wonder if anybody has ever thought of how Eddie Brock feels about the symbiote still wanting to join with Peter,maybe that is why you paited Eddie so sad & lonely looking.(if you did you are a truely insightfull artist.)
Kapalsky's avatar
Whoa cool draw, it's amazing! I've always liked the way the symbiote is bonding to Brock...
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