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My First Painting

My First Painting

oil on canvas 1996

heres something to look (and laugh) at, while You guys wait for my new (and more complex paintings :) ) Found this in the closet today, its my first oil painting EVER (yes I know it sucks but hey!! :P so its been allmost 10 (9,5) years since I started painting and this was the beginning of that road and God knows where it ends :)
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A friend still has my first drawing witch is a charcoal drawing and i see how far I have come from that first stroke on the paper, who know like you said were it ends.
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I think this is still very surreal...very Max Ernst-ish. How old were you when you painted this, if I should ask?
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i was 16 i think
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BS haha, this is better than I could ever do with paints.

Paints are *not* my forte.
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A disturbing freshmen effort!!!


You're *such* a bo in this one:p

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i actually like in..some way
and for a 1st painting i see alot that you've done that most wouldn't have, you've used white for the highlights for example, most peoples 1st paintings are flat without any highlights at all...or thats what ive noticed anyways...and definately doesn't look like anything you'd see everyday:P
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LOL, you've certainly improved since then (I shouldn't talk, mind you, since I can't paint in oils worth squat.) It's always kind of cool to look at peoples' first pictures. Thanks for sharing this with us!
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mate...that sucks =/
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:lol: yes it does but Im better now rigth :D
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of course alot better!
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It looks a hell of alot better than my first painting did. I haven't painted since, lol!
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much better than my first painting by in 1980 something....
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and is that abit of burnt sienna i see ;)
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:lol: yeah I was 16 and SUCKED at painting hahahahahahaha now u know your good for your age :)
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:rofl: it isnt that bad, of course mine was better haaaaaaa

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