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PC Meters for Rainmeter

This package contains the following meters:
Quad Core CPU Meter (5Bars + Graph)
RAM Meter (Bar + Graph)
HDD C, D, E (Bars)
CPU Meter and HDD Meters needs a title modification.

Other [Preview]

Some scripts are based on other works, credits in the ini.
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if this only will support 8 cores =I
Andari-Dragon's avatar
well i found way around it... i just added additional lines to the code :P
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Could you post them
Andari-Dragon's avatar
it is super easy to do... just edit the skin and add the cpu lines =I max 5 min of work
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Is there a way to change the processor name since I know mine isn't a Intel Core i7?
This is a great set and I've used it for awhile but I can't believe nobody knows it's origin or even has a copy of all the skins! Those in the screen-shot look just as useful and elegant.
Thanks anyway.
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Hey I ve been using this for a while now and I love it, but I have noticed it does not show my phenomII x4's max speed...
When my cpu goes past 3000mhz it does not register (actual max cpu speed is 3650mhz). It will only show 3000mhz max. You got a fix for this? Thank you: )
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I downloaded this and it says I have an intel Core i7, it's got my MHz right, but not my actual processor...
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It's alright I got it.
And I managed to change Disco Daiti too.
Awesome skin!
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wow, I need to finalise what I want to say first.. xD

And where do you get the Temperatures thing from?
Liquid-Tension-vbb's avatar
that's also for @bigdroid:
Almost two year are past, I'm sorry, but I can't was probably a mod of some other script, but I don't have it anymore :(
a question: where I can get the temperature rainmeter of samples in the other preview link
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how i can change the name ' Disco Dati' ?

i want to change ir to Safe Copy

sorry for my english. please answer. help me
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In the HDDD.ini, under [MeterLabelHDD2] at "Text=".
Just change the text and voilà. Sorry for the sloooow answer :)
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Your computer is way too good...
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