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... and lots of effort.  Soon, I'll transplant my creations elsewhere :)

Once my own garden is finished, you are all invited, of course!
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"Hate art".  

It strikes me as utterly disgusting how some people can glorify horrors of which they know nothing of.   I find it almost funny how they need to explain their "deviations" to somehow avoid getting under the once proficient ban-hammer (now reduced to a mere joke). *Almost* funny.

I also find almost funny how they don't want to partake of this "multiculturalism brainwash" but also use it to shield themselves from critiques or opposing points of view and demand that their views be respected by others. I said *almost*.

I think it's rather sad, though, to discover that what you thought was a good place for art has somehow transformed into something that's willingly accepting "hate art" entries and then does nothing about them.  More so when, even if you try to report something, the usual answer will be that in their view (DA's admins and staff) that is not hate art.

Which then prompts the question: Why?

Why isn't DeviantArt doing anything against it?
Why there's cases of clear policy violations just closed without any action taken?

Yeah, moving pixels on a screen, painting guts and spewing hate is easy... While sitting on your ... meh I won't even bother.  Why? Because: fuck your dreams, hate art poster, that's why!

Personally, I consider this strike two for DeviantArt, and as soon as I find a suitable replacement, I'll be exiting stage left.

Thanks, good night.
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"Emotive portrait" is deviantart's way to say "NUDES"...

I get it...

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I fell in love once and almost completely,
she's in love with the world,
but sometimes this feelings can be so misleading...

Can't think of anything to do, yeah,
my left brain knows that
all love is fleeting.
She's just looking for something new,
said it once before,
but it bears repeating.

Whoa... I know, right?  Speechless!
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But you'll have to wait a little.
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Oh, why yes, I tend to forget that we are all playing with $spyed toys and so he gets to call all the shots:

"We (deviantART) should NOT give you (deviants submitting deviations) options regarding Share This".

Yeah, you owe us SHIT! Because it is not our work which drives people here to see some ads and get you some dough. No... NOT AT ALL!

"If you choose the option on deviantART to dis-able [quote, un-quote] sharing on your deviations, you're actually encouraging copyright infringement."

That is to say that there would be no rapes if we all were naked.

"If you post a JPG, GIF, etc. on the Internet, it can be used in a way that infringes your copyrights, or "stolen" as many of you say. By the very function of your Internet Explorer, Safari or Firefox browser, anyone may easily RIGHT-CLICK and "Save to Disk," "Save as Wallpaper," etc. Alternatively you may easily use your operating system to SCREEN SHOT the art work on the screen. You may easily use a wide variety of applications to simulate, automate, or otherwise perform those two actions anywhere on the open Internet regardless of what anyone tells you."

This is so wrong in so many fucking ways!  First of all, the mere observation of a file implicates that such is replicated somewhere in your computer 'for your viewing pleasure'.  This is the author's prerogative: He/She chooses to share a version of his/her artwork with the kind viewer knowing in full that his/her art piece will be copied in to their computers.  Copyright infringement derives not from this actions as there is an understanding of this things happening.  It does so from the improper usage of a piece of art in a way that's not intended, i.e.: You chose to use a wallpaper that doesn't belong to you to print and sell t-shirts, to change it's colors and portray it as your own (in circumstances where the license does not grant you such rights).  The fact is that DA is actually enabling third parties to display our artwork with their consent in WHEREVER THE FUCK THEY WANT!

Sorry but no, I am not interested.

DA acts here as a vehicle, a mere transport, a conveyor if you will. If you allow my self to draw a parallel here, this would be the same as saying that the truck driver gets to decide if he/she can pull to the side in the middle of the road, open the packages and share your factory's cookies with everyone in a manner that was not as per contract.  "Free cookie samples? Everybody loves that! A good marketing strategy for both the factory and us the transporters, so it's a win-win situation!" they could argue. But this is not how you intended to sell cookies, much less is the transporter entitled to impose to you their decision.

"And honor based systems of "please don't do that" work as well as leaving a 4 year old in a room full of cookies with the clear understanding that they shouldn't have one."

And that is why our cookie jars here state clearly 'Copyright ...' which is the same as to have a no smoking sign.  By all means, try and see what happens when you do smoke under such signs.  Though I'm well aware that 4 year old kids do not and should not smoke, I'm also well aware that there might be something that may deter them from stealing the cookies, consequences.

By the way, is $spyed implying that Internet users (the kind visitors that grace us with their views) are no more intelligent than a 4 year old?


I, and I'm very sure many others as well, don't care how DA chooses to share my work. PE to the R to the I to the Ou Dee.


First DA develops the share links, then DA develops a tracking mechanism to see where your work is posted at and how well it does somewhere else, but then what?  They will undoubtedly charge you to see more than just simple general statistics.


So what if I don't want any of this to happen for me?  What if I'm not either interested or allowed (by means of contracts or other things as such) to have it happen to me?  What's that? FUCK ME?

Oh, and by the way, I'm actually very well aware of the implications of asking DA to have a simple check box to OPT OUT from all of this.  It's rather simple and storage wise wouldn't cost them as much as all the posts, comments and deviations that may come out of imposing this into us.

See, All they need to do is to place a new BOOLEAN field to the side of each and every deviation entry.
Such a small piece of data only accounts for one miserable bit (1 or 0 according if you want all this to happen or not).  So let's assume a number of deviations on DA, let us say that DA has 5 billion uploads so far, that would give us, according to Google, some 0.582076609 gigabytes or 596.046448 megabytes, or some 132 pictures at 3.7MB per photo.  Your iPod will easily hold more than 20 times that. Math, our beloved friend, to the rescue.

Bandwidth wise the tale is nothing much different than this, a good look at DA's traffic would tell us just how much it would take for them to do so.

After all that, there's just this:

if ($this->share==1) {
echo $this->share_links; }

where the stubborn "Share this" icons code are.  When you decide them to be there, they are shown, when you don't, they are not; that's why the IF statement has no ELSE clause to it.

In fact, you know what? I hereby grant DA complete usage rights of those two lines of code I posted above just now, presented here for your convenience.  May they serve you well.


So, yeah, basically while we are playing with $spyed's toys (and we might as well be on $spyed's house), but he should be at least gracious enough to ask how we feel about all this.  He seems to have chosen, as per usual, that there's nothing to be discussed.

Alrighty then...

You won't let us play? We'll go play somewhere else.
I have to pay to get critiques? Reeeeheeeeheeheeeheaaally?

What's to avoid me asking you guys to critique my stuff by deliberately leaving comments open? You will still say stuff about my devs and i can still think they are not fair (by simply hiding them, or just saying what i didn't like about your comment)...

I might be no artist of great interest, but i know there are many that post stuff here (pretty good stuff, now that we mention it).  Should they pay for getting comments?  Will the reviewers be really fair?

I can see it now: "Your picture would have been great if you did it like I THINK THINGS SHOULD BE DONE", "Lulz", "First", "U R HOT"... I don't see a karma system being applied (My review is fair, so I get to review more stuff).

I really wish somebody developed a Greasemonkey Script to do just this for free (BetterDA?) or maybe implement a Pligg to rate stuff... Pligg at least has a Karma system that let's you balance the equation.
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I couldn't sleep yesterday, so I let my subconscious play with Photoshop and along came this…

It might sound mad, but now I'm really hooked with the idea and will probably end up doing a lot of work to many other pictures.

If I could draw, I would so make this into a comic! :D

The premise is simple: No good or bad guys, but the Red Star shines above.
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Look at my latest deviation, it's all explained there.…

Thanks for your help!
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"Relax, It's just a game"
"Not anymore"

And then the letters started flickering and the fans started cheering...

The surprise at Comic-Con was the trailer for TR2N, a direct sequel to the AWESOME movie TRON.

I watched the logo on some other site and thought to myself... "Why not give it a spin?"...

And it turned out really OK...

I hope you like it as much as I do.…
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So today I decided to upload a wallpaper I made with GIMP and write a little on how to create one sorta like it...…

I like it a lot...

Happy Holograms!
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So i used a stock photo of a beautiful young woman to make a feature again... if someone cared i did some of those.

I choose lajessica because she is really cute, but also because she has a stock account with a "please note back if using" policy (which i think is simple enough for me to follow).

I just hope this new entry does not break any rules.

Jack will be back in April here (i just hope i don't have to download episodes just because they will be late here).
Prison Break has restarted... they seem to have lost a tad with me... and i really don't know why.

I WAS working on a CMS, working kind of hard, exploring the many flavors the internet had to offer and finding how to get things done by gutting them and reading from their innards.  I can still smell their blood and hear them screaming from time to time but my resolution is firm, i will make my own CMS...

So why did you STOPPED?  Because i got sick... that's alright, I'm fine now, thanks, but since i can only remain awake/seated for so much time (my take on this is that the lack of coffee has made me almost completely unproductive) well that is why...

I will youtube a video of my stomach though so you peeps can see the extent of the damage i had...

Today i noticed that i'm 17 subjects away from graduation... (two years give or take). So you can all rejoice with me (or not) YAAAAY!
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First of all, yes, they are right, this is their site, they have a policy to enforce, i do not question that.

There were two wallpapers that i believe were wrongfuly removed but i'm not willing to challenge the policy.

So, in order to remain compliant with current and past policies (and maybe also future policies) i prefer to remove my wallpaper artwork.

Sorry if you liked it, it will not be posted here.  But i will be posting them on my website.  So this is just a clarification note if you found out that some deviations are no longer here and where to find them.

If i have something else to say about this i will do so but at a later time, this is to me a still in development issue.
The following is just a test of the broadcasting system to know if it supports some desirable caracteristics... you might resume your reading on the next issue... thanks

this is bold
this is italics

Antigua5 by liquid-snake this should be a thumb...

This concludes the test, if you cannot see an image up there then i dont know how to achieve it, if you do see it... well i knew i could do it (JAAJJA SIIII COMO NO)
First of all, my first language is not english, so if my grammar fails me then correct me or forgive me.

A recent conversation in another "news article" led me to investigate a bit more on the "what makes news, well err... news".

Let's begin with a definition by Wikipedia:

"News is new information or current events. The reporting of news falls into the field of journalism. News can be reported by a variety of sources, such as newspapers, television and radio programs, wire services, and web sites. News reporting is a type of journalism, typically written or broadcast in news style. Most news is investigated and presented by journalists and can be distributed to various sites via news agencies. If the content of news is significant enough, it eventually becomes history."

This definition provides us (you and me) some interesting pointers:

- News are NEW: as in something fresh.  This particular point might be a tad difficult given that you are reporting something to a community, much of them are "inside" or "in the know" about certain topics.  So please be kind enough to read the news already posted so what you want to say is not lost in a sea of people reporting the same.  Do please state your opinion on a subject already reported as a comment, increase our community knowledge with yours.

- Current events: Current events that are appropiate subjects to a community relate to it in ways that expand it.  For personal news (such as dark tears, cat hairballs or birthdays) we already have a Journal, where people can know about what happened to us.  While some in the community will find indeed interesting that you ate a whole triple meat hamburger yesterday, it is not in the best interest of the community to know about it.

- The many joys of Journalism: Ask anyone with the task of compiling and presenting news if it is easy to do so... They will most likely respond that it took them a bit of preparation on a subject, a bit of investigation, lots and lots of time and knowledge to know how and what to write.  If i do not know much about the subject i cannot create a redaction that will serve and satisfy the "need to know".  News and articles have this way of writing where (depending on your abilities) you make it so the community gets something out of it.

Now it should be easier to establish what news is not:

- Hey there, i got an A (or personal announcements alike are not news).

- Here is this website that makes this and that (unless you write a review of a site, and, just for the sake of taste, it does not belong to you; self promotion is not news).

- Test, testing, already tested (Take my word for it, if it is online, it has been tested, unless you are required to do so, please refrain to do so unless you have something somewhat intelligent to say).

- Your gallery (i know it falls in to personal and self promotion, but i think it needed clarification, for those who will not get the hint).

Now if somebody abuses the system DELIBERATEDLY, instant punishment should fall from heavens... err... i mean, ok admins should have a way to erradicate ridiculous news like if you ban somebody for 1 or 2 weeks, then their posts become invisible, so they will be there to read when they come back... when they are not news anymore.

But repeated offences of this kind should be punished to a greater extent.  I know the troubles of trying to make heads from tails when we are talking about a community of such size, but there must be a way to make easier for real news to rise to the top and stay afloat as long as it's deemed necesary and for fake news to fall down and die a lonely death.

Do you have any after thoughts on this subject, please comment.  I am really interested on what the community has to say about all this.

As i write this entry i can honestly say... i like the old deviantart better (clean interface, no odd drawings that will slow down my viewing)...

Now as we helplessly gravitate towards flickr or the likes of it, i take some time to ponder about the change (HOPE COMES TO MIND).

Deviantart BETA, they should have called it BETA...
We should have had the choice to upgrade (until all bugs get resolved)

It does not validate (for those who do not know, there are some rules to write web pages, you can test your site at this consortium to get validated), so it's not about making it better... maybe better looking?

Look again, my eyes sore at the colors, no more pleasingly combined color paletes that make reading easier.

Comments are not wide enough... do they want to leave the "this space for rent" sign there too?

Things look a lot like "rushed up"... Thick borders, odd colors, and it does not work with IExplorer 7 Beta 3.... which means like we might expect some pretty bugs once we are forced to upgrade to that too. (Since i "make" webpages i use many webbrowsers, if you want to advise me on change it for firefox or opera).

"Peace out"? Kill the Logout peace sign... hippies run companies now and trash the world with their transnationals and hip sensation mp3 players...

<object width="450" height="385"><param name="movie" value="…"></param><param name="flashvars" value="id=32294135" /><embed src="…" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" width="450" flashvars="id=32294135" height="385"></embed></object>
Lone Blossom by ~II-FallenAngel-II on deviantART

If you see a lot of code then why this feature?

when you can do this Lone Blossom by II-FallenAngel-II and it COULD give you the link and the image?



That's all... now comment
Asi que ok, si pueden decir que si o no, o cerrar la boca y escoger no votar en este o aquel tema... tambien cuento con el mismo derecho!

No es que vaya a argumentar "lo politico" de la gente o los "si's y no's de la democracia" pero puedo decir, quiero reiterar en algun sitio que nadie me representa a mi, ni a mis intereses ni los temas que yo considero importantes.

Por que debo votar por alguien que solo miente y representa lo opuesto a mis convicciones solo para que estos o los otros no tengan mi voto?

Pude haber ido y anular mi voto, pero entoces ellos me hubieran marcado (te manchan el dedo para que no votes otra vez) y lo que quiero demostrar se habria perdido...

Asi que me siento orgulloso de mi decision! Y estoy dispuesto a mostrarle el dedo cuando me pregunten si vote o no!!!

So ok, if they can say yes, no or keep their mouths shut and choose not to vote on this or that issue... i am entitled to the same right!

It's not like i'm going to argue the "politicaliness" of people or the "do's and don't's of democracy" but i can say, i mean i must state somewhere that no body seems to represent me, nor my interests, nor the issues i consider important.

Why should i cast my vote towards somebody that tells only lies and represents quite the opposite to my beliefs just to not get them or the others my vote?

I could go and nulify my vote, but then they would brand me (they ink your finger so you cannot vote again) and my statement would be lost...

So i stand proud for my decision! And i am ready to show them my finger when they ask if i voted or not!!!
How come? Dude WTF'ingF?

This kind of actions (such malice, such premeditation) could only come from a really sick and twisted mind...

Who in his/her own senses would take away a father from his child, an artist from his creation, a leader from his community? and not only that... add lies, corruption, misleading info, <expeletive goes here>.

<insert growling sounds, and screams>

This is all <Yes you know that>!!!

I'm not the only one who truly believes that what has happened here is really sick (stomach churning)!

Now that i stated my mind on how i feel about this... let us all ask for an answer... yes, we are the life of this community, without us there is none...

How about not deviating until (at least) the truth comes forward?
How about asking all our admin friends for the truth? (one question once a day to all admins from all of us should be loud enough!)

Bigger countries have gone to war for things like this... to see that such F'ed Up notions of leadership would be applied in the Digital Age? to a Digital Community?

We know the facts?

jark is leader no more...
someone (or plural) is covering up this and the reasons behind it...
Money seems to be all that matters this days?


THEY CANT BAN US ALL, they can't ban all the ip's we can use!!! they will not see the day when this is left behind and forgotten... this shall not be forgiven either!

Because if we do, we will all be letting this individuals write the book on how to destroy a community... and profit from it.

I support Jark!
This mania of ours (yours and mine) of criticizing or often mocking up  MANUALS should end... NOW! I MEAN IT!

Why?... Damn it, try to make one yourself.  Once you think "Now this is idiot-proof!" Nature comes back with a bite and shows you that it is capable of making a brand new kind of idiot. One that surpases all your previous expectatives.  Now, when i look at manuals i will treat them with respect.  I will still refuse to read them (so i can learn my own fucking way) but at least i have a new respect towards them and it's creators.

Go ahead, surprise yourself, try to make a manual to have someone install printer drivers, make coffe, boil water... you will be amazed at the kind of questions you will get back!

Post some here.
What makes you wake up in the middle of the night in a poodle of sweat, swearing that the whole village was chasing you?!?!?... torchs, ropes, sticks, stones, the usual works.... Wait a  minute. WTF!!! I live in no village, and i haven't done nothing to make people angry now, have I?. It's not like i have done anything to please them too... but wait a minute... was it real?  The road, the fires, the collapsed bridges and buildings?... the dog? was it a wolf?... The airport seemed strange somehow, with no access to its runway... We (?) had to walk for miles, just to find endless nights ahead.  Now the creepiest part of it all is the judge... it's no one i have met before...

Now people say i shouldnt be seing colors but i do... those aberrant yellows, the bright reds that disrupt the consistency of the night's darkness...

Is it all this that has me "out of focus" and unbalanced? As disturbing as it might seem, the taste of human flesh comes to mind from time to time... but that's not the worst of it... its the taste of raw "watery" onions!!!  And the constant sleepiness... Durden was right with his sleep speach!  Even the top of my head feels numb from time to time.  What words do they need to hear from me? they always ask and they never listen, they just shut me on and send me half asleep through my day wondering what words did they needed to hear.

All those projects, so distant now, were here and now are almost gone from my memory... All that remains now is the physical need of sleep but the psychological fear of sleeping!

(Note: if you read through the whole thing and you don't get any of this... don't worry, it's supposed to confuse you but serve me as a escape).

Had a really strange dream? i mean really creepy stuff; if so... care to share?

QUOTE OF THE MONTH: "what? Proper 'fucked'?"