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Live By The Creed

By Liquid-Skin
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UPDATE: I submitted this fan art to an Assassin's Creed fan art contest here---> [link] So... if you see this entry anywhere else, it only means someone stole it. Wish me luck on the contest guys!


lol I just HAD to make up for the uhh not so good fanart of Assassin's Creed 1 I did last year which can be found here ---> [link]

And I was trying out Artrage after 3 years of not touching it lol and so, I came up with this pic right here.

Meet Ezio, new hero of Assassin's Creed 2. A descendant of Altair, Ezio possesses Altair's abilities and follow the way of the Assassin.

"Live by the Creed"


Done with:
ArtRage 2.5 for painting Ezio
Photoshop CS3 for the text and background
*reference picture was used
15+ hours in for 3 days.

EDIT: Okay, I removed the watermark and resized the pic a bit, the watermark was ruining the image ~_~ so I just removed it lol

EDIT 2: I edited the placing of the text coz it was off-center ><
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Ezio is not a descendant of Altair, Desmond Micheal Miles is.
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fav'ed it! amazing work!
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This is fantastic!
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Awesome digital painting
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*crossing my fingers for you! :aww:*
PRETTY!! :love:
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Wow! Seems like poster of AC
I like it! Really beautiful!
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fantastic work! :aww:
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I thought it was a real person in the picture at first!
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Oh! How lovely!!
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OMFG!!!!! It's perfect!!!!!!!! :la:
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excellent piece, you rended the scene so very well as the shading and the light are perfect, good luck for the contest!
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wow really cool what medium did u use
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Thanks for the comment! This was done digitally with Artrage and Photoshop :D
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thank you for the reply! :P this is a great piece happy to comment :)
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It's good to see those who follow the creed. Safety and peace, my friend.
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