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In my previous post, I said something about the habit of the users in this group of ignoring the description of the group, and acting as if this were a general food group.  The general attitude seems to have been "to Hell with the founder, we can do what we want" and I'm tired of it. Spam has not just been a nuisance on this group, it has been the entirety of the material posted, unless one counts the blog posts in which I've asked the membership to stop acting this way. Think of it. In the entire history of this group, not a single member has slipped up and made an appropriate submission, yet. There's a kind of perfection in that, but it's not very admirable.

Enough is enough. This has in no way been a worthy companion to the Flickr group. When I set the group so that posts to most of the galleries would be automatically approved, I extended a certain amount of trust to the members of this community, and the membership chose to not live up to that trust. I am now changing the settings so the all submissions to the galleries and collections will have to be approved. I'd also add that submitting anything is going to be futile, for a while, because I'm giving myself a vacation, and most of those submissions will expire before I ever see them.

Maybe I'll be back. Maybe I won't. I'll definitely post on the subject, somewhere, but I am starting to seriously wonder if DeviantArt is a good place to explore the intended subject matter of this group, at all.

I dropped by, and to what was my pleasant surprise for about 45 seconds, discovered that this group was being used. It was going to be used, eventually, anyway, at least by me, once a few projects going on elsewhere get going, but the contributions were spontaneous. That's a good thing, usually, but this time, it wasn't, because the contributions were spam. Did some of you even read the description of the group, on the way in?

"Recipes for food prepared using liqueurs, or to be served with liqueurs, and photos of the food made using these recipes."

Got it? This is not a generic food group. Practically not a recipe to be found in any of what you posted, but a lot of foodstuffs that had nothing to do with liqueurs. Macarons, for example - grandmother would have called them "soupirs", which literally means "sighs", and the name never fit better, though usually it does so for a nicer reason. Ground almonds, eggwhites and sugar - please, people. I used to make those back in kindergarten. Did you think I wouldn't know that these were a booze free confection?

Somebody shows up with a sauceless meat sandwich, but what was even better - and this is why I'm thinking of sipping rooibos tea in the middle of the morning - was that somebody had the nerve to drop by and ask to use what is supposed to be a real cooking group in order to publicize a poll about the abomination that is fast food. Which chain do I like the most? That's like asking me which is my favorite strain of flu. Either way, I'm fairly sure that I'd survive the experience, but I'm not going to be crazy enough to seek it out.

I'm going to delete the off topic postings, and hide that fast food message, and try to forget that you folks did this, while I go sip my rooibos and go into my happy place. It's a warm, wonderful figurative location in which I seldom give any thought to just how much I would like to ... but let's not even go there.  Let's just say that you all obviously know how to read, so you knew better than to do what you did, and just didn't care. You didn't respect the forum or the reason it was created. You trashed the place, and now probably are going to expect me to thank you for having done so.

I find that very disappointing.

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Recipes for food prepared using liqueurs and photos of the food made using these recipes.
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The avatar for the group is a detail of an image in the public domain, found on this page, courtesy of the New Jersey Italian and Italian-American Heritage Commission.

Recipes for food prepared using liqueurs. If you'd like to make the liqueur, itself, a companion group imaginatively named "Liqueur Making" is available, as is one for those who'd like to share recipes for mixed drinks (or tell a few stories about the times they went drinking).

Scallops with a Pernod cream sauce

As this is a food and drink group, I would hope that there would be no reason for anybody to start getting personal, but people will do what they will do, and if they feel the need to do that, there is this outside group which I've set up, so the rest of us can enjoy our peace and quiet. If you're wondering who I am, my profile can be found here, my moderation decisions being explained in my moderation journal. You can follow this group on Twitter.

This group has a companion on Flickr.

When you're done, if you have a ring to return to, you can do so via Webring Webspace or via Freewebspace dot com. Either location will get you back to the same places on the same rings. Or, maybe you could use the code below.

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