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I'm Not Dead Yet



Life is beautiful. Life is glorious. Life is worth living.

How many people struggle their whole lives to find a way to see that? Too many see life as the sea of drowning struggles. The thing that will kill us. As the task we are all doomed to fail.
Those perspectives are the lies. They are the result of lives wrecked by depression, addiction, negativity or countless other errors in our perspectives. Of girls who were told they are worthless unless they have sex appeal and perfect bodies. Of guys who are told they are unlikeable unless they are good at what other people want them to be good at. Results of lives spent living up to a standard set by a culture that would rather read about disasters than successes.
The lie is that Hope fades, that Hope fails us.

The struggles are long and hard, there is pain, there is hurt, there is fear... but there is always still Hope. Hope is something hard to see, hard to take a hold of, but is equally something that will never be too far away to grasp.

We do not have to give up. We can fight through the wreckage. We can regain the eyesight we all once had. It is not ridiculous to believe we can return to life as a joy. We do not have to be stuck seeing life as without cause.
We can see life for what it is.

Life is beautiful. Life is glorious. Life is worth living.
There is always reason for Hope.


Leather texture - Dollaberry [link]
Reference for vector - Birdsistersstock [link]
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this is so deep! I love everything about it.
thanks for using my texture. looks good here ;)