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In engraved broomstick Mauser is a nice touch.
Raubritter's avatar
YEA thats epic! <3
SashaOtaku's avatar
Вах! Революционная отмороженность во весь рост.
zxczxczbfg's avatar
Awesome art, but I'm a but puzzled: your Mauser seems to have a long magazine like the Schnellfeuer, but non-removable.
Lipatov's avatar
It's rare, but real Mauser model.
menapia's avatar
Brilliant looking characters v original
Шикарные вещи! :)
SepiaCoerulea's avatar
Колоритные товарищи!Круто, как всегда!
Dislucky's avatar
It would be great if somebody make PC-game on this base.
Something like Full Throttle, I'm crazy on such style.
zxczxczbfg's avatar
Look up "Crimson Skies". The original, not the shitty sequel.
MCrispin's avatar
Really nice touch.. could see those two as a NPC or PC characters in PnP and go far..
coryalantaylor's avatar
I like this very much.
V1lian's avatar
Mauser pistols, turtlenecks, trenchcoats. Awesome.
koydan's avatar
МаузЁр - мечта!
Lurks-no-More's avatar
That's an impressively villainous moustache.
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DocRedfield's avatar
BWAhahaha...! Classic. I'm going to submit this to my Dieselpunk Group
mikeyquig's avatar
This looks really cool nice work
Sagittarius-A-star's avatar
Great work, I love your style! :) A broomhandle mauser, nice.
bastler's avatar
A Broomhandle Mauser, classic!
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