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Paladins' Tales: Giant Enemy Crab

By Lipatov
Paladins' Tales: giant crab's corpse. It's been a long time since I posted something in color.
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© 2021 Lipatov
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Очень красиво!)

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amazing :-O and my first question is: what killed it?!

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Magic and cannon fire :)

Great work! I hope you are feeling better Oleg!

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A pity the crab is not fresher... it’d make a nice crab fish buffet...

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Woulda taken a lotta boiling water and melted butter to handle this baby!

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Yeah! An underwater volcano would be quite handy for this business!

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Only if you like that much sulfur in your diet.

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Good morning Alexey, Awesome Giant!!!!!.

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"Attack it's weak point for massive damage."

”We’re going to need a bigger stew pot. Alternatively, there’s gotta be enough there to feed the entire county.”

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This looks great! Excellent sense of scale.

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Giant crab. Must eat . . .

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dam...this is immense!!...great work

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100% historically accurate
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