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Mighty Anja Tied Up

By Lipatov
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Commission by Jungle-Queen Anja :iconjungle-queen:
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© 2020 - 2021 Lipatov
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Cool art. Their a strong sense of strong femininity in the air of this image, especially with their muscles.

This is really awesome---I'd get rid of that pesky loincloth, though. ;-)

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It seems it's quite cold in that jungle...

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"Contemplate this on The Tree of Woe." Very nicely inked and composed too. Very Dynamic and lively. The stylization of the tree is wonderfully Frazetta in flavor.

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She won’t be biting the head off a vulture and drinking its blood.

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Despite not being that big a fan of the "natives capturing white heroine" trope (though I understand that this was a commissioned piece), I really do like the inkwork here.

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Great collaboration!!

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I know where the inspiration is coming from and I can prove it.
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Come on, it's not even close:

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I first constructed this T-shaped pole in 2017 for "Anja and the Curse of Chesar Chsaom" on my original account, taken down when it surfaced on porn sites.

Anja (018)

I refined the pictures in 2018

201 Anja (20180109) -stands with yoke -dforce3+4 g
Anja and the Dancers v3 -DMD r32 #2 Lights opt

Yours is a combination of those, at least in my understanding. As I said, I will let DeviantArt decide. Unfortunately, this is not the first time Jungle-Queen does this to my intellectual property.

And as you can see from my main profile, I can be a pain in getting replies.

Doing this two days before Christmas was the icing on the cake.

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Now it's getting ridiculous. I don't know what I have to do with Eviltrevor (whatever problems you had with him), or why you can't tell a dead tree from a T-shaped pole, or why you think that something as generic as a T-shaped pole and a simple pose can be a matter of a copyright dispute...

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The two likes on my initial comment seem to understand my point of view.

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For what it’s worth - I don’t. There is no copyright on the depiction of a tied woman, be it to tree, a pole, a cross or whatever. And there is nothing wrong in drawing inspiration from artwork dealing with a similar subject. It’s neither copyright infringement, nor plagiarism. I really wish you could give it a break.

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Thank you. It wasn't even an inspiration, I've never seen his works until now. It's just the same character in the same situation requested by the same client, hence, the similarities.

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It only showes that there are at least two strange people like you

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Stretched tight on the Tree of Death! Those mighty muscles have met there match this time.

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