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Mechanic girl

Механик Даша и боевая машина "Витязь".
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It’s soviet liberty prime, and I mean that in the best way possible

I am continually drawn back to this and others you have done. They resonate with me in a way I cannot explain. Maybe it's the romantic engineer in me.

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I am treasure hunting again. :D
I guess MegasXLR was right. Chicks do dig giant robots. Especially giant robots with huge guns.

ESPECIALLY giant robots with huge guns that they’ve either built themselves, or continuously work on/repair.

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Special mention for Soviet Union
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Awesome piece, thank you!
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Ooo it's Soviet Prime. (Russian Liberty Prime)
cute and tough
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Я сначала подумал, что она «Атласа» из Баттлтех починяет… В-)))
С Новым Годом, кстати!
On the first sight, I thought, she repairing «Atlas» from Battletech.
Happy New Year, by the word!
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Приятный рисунок =) 
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Amazing. More of them together please :)
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Sexy and robotic! I like that!
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Bloody awesome!
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Крутой замысел. Девушка ковыряется в мозгах витязя )) 100500 круто!!
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Nicely done!  Giant robots and pretty girls, very anime!
No idea what that says but the robot is sick!
that reminds me of liberty prime from fallout 3.
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Вай-вай! Какая лапа! И "меха" потрясный!
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Does this character have a name? She appears quite often and seems like she should =-)
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Her name is Dasha.
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