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Giant monster.
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I bet it would be so cool to star in an old Kaiju monster movie.
Production assistant?
They have the same hair color so it could be his sister
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very cool.  playing a kaiju must be an real dreamjob.
Hurotheblack's avatar
i cant help but love this piece! :)
Kaiju-Weekly's avatar
The look on his face... you know it is way hot in the suit.  
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I love this piece because you can get a whole story from it if you want to.
He's the underpaid young actor who probably dreamed of doing more with his life and she's the super positive director's assistant he hasn't been able to ask out because he's actually very shy.
Oh and the suit makes him feel super confident so one day he just asks her out as Godzilla.
klatuk4u's avatar
Hel, that is a great point!  I Would watch this if it were an anime!
Lipatov's avatar
Thank you. I like to draw pictures with a implied story.
CR99nut's avatar
As a fan of kaiju eiga, I think this picture is a lot of fun. It's not a typical kiaju shot, which makes it all the more appealing.
Samurai-Poet's avatar
I just love this picture! There's such a story behind it; one of romance in the hustle, bustle, headache and body ache of Kaiju films!
Mad-Mutt's avatar
I like this, those poor guys go through a lot of work for these movies.
Bakerdezign's avatar
The guy who was the original Godzilla / Gojira, wished he had this costume to wear and an assistant as cute too. :+fav::wow::pc:
pokemonfan0123's avatar
i heard the guy who was in the gojira suit passed out and they had to reshoot every scene if he ever passed out again.
HellricofHellinbone's avatar
must have been hot in those rubber suits
CMVreud's avatar
Brilliant, but how about some background ?
Kaijurider24's avatar
This deserved a fav!
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This is superb!
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