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KIEV dieselpunk hovercraft

KIEV soviet hovercraft, 1956.
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This is a fantastic design! I love this aesthetic :D

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With diesel now cheaper Than regular, “Dieselpunk’s” time may have come for real.

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Hey there, I made this concept into a 3d render! Hope you like it :)

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I love the design of this hovercraft! :) I won’t lie, this is the kind of hovercraft that I’d want to ride around. 😊
looks safe to me.  I hope she has fun with it.

great work on the girl and the vehicle.
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This is pretty cool hoverbike.
I don't really get why so much Dieselpunk art has airborne eqivalents of road vehicles. It's like how so much Steampunk/VSF has no stage of weapons development between "flintlock" and "raygun".
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Because they are fun to draw. You know, it's called "DieselPUNK", not "Diesel-engineering" or "Diesel-Hard-Science-Fiction".
It's not meant to be historically accurate, but hovering craft doesn't fit in to me. More atompunk than diesel.
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So build your own dieselpunk, with blackjack and hookers, and without hovering crafts.
That would be exactly the same amount of fun. If you keep the hover craft however.....
She looks super cute and I love the jalopy hovercraft>
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Reminds me of Fallout 3
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I really like this concept. I modeled it for a class project:…
Nice red dieselpunk
Now that's the hovercraft i wanna ride ;)
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Your hover bikes are pretty damn cool!
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The people's choice of city transportation.  Like it!
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