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I'll Never Forgive (AU Casca)

Eclipse. (That's more brutal than my usual stuff...)

Fandom Kombat-2013.
Illustration for Morreth's 'Between the Sun and the Moon', fan-fiction to Kentaro Miura's manga 'Berserk'.
This is the alternative universe, where Casca was maimed and Gutts... well, if you have read the manga in question, you can guess, what happened to him. The story follows close to 'Black Swordsman' arc, and somehow crosses over with 'Lady Hawk': Casca and Gutts are both mad, but he is a half-wit by day and perfectly sane after darkness, and she is vice versa. They cannot travel without each other, and they seek their revenge upon the Apostles.

"..But Casca had noticed. Phemto had made a special effort to make her notice. She was held opposite to me, with teeth and talons, forced to watch. She'd lost her left hand trying to break out, and someone of them clawed off her right eye. And I almost had kicked the bucket at the moment, and couldn't even shout her to stop it and spare herself; hell, I was f***ed worse and it hadn't kill me. Still, even if I managed to give a cry, she would hardly listen. She had herself maimed trying to save my sorry ass, and that's what I'll never forgive neither Phemto for, nor the Baron, not one of them f***ing Apostles..."
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I won't forgive Griffith, either.