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remember me to an ravnican loxodon from MTG
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...pure badassery at work here!!....>=3
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Damn Kushans and their OP war elephants.
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Never endangered! Never forgets! Never shows weakness! Nor mercy! Nor chinks!

I'm taking notes on how you contour your lines to imply direction and shapes. The open mouth looked like a piece of armor for the other shoulder, at first. But zooming in showed it for what it really is.
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The way you pulled back on the crosshatching for the ends of the baton and on the ear and face create strong focal points in this piece. I would compare this work to that of Kentaro Miura, a master of fantastic armored creatures. You've done a really great job!
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Thank you. Kentaro Miura is one of my favoruite artists. 
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LOL :  the elephant man pt. 2 D. Merrick's revenge !!   Giggle 
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Ganash & Kali had a baby and they called it....awesome !!     Aww Yea 3D - Emoticon     PS not gonna challenage him (I'm assuming it IS a 'him') to a       to a mdingrham / tabla-playing (or any other, come to that) contest !!
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Excellent idea and execution.  The drum on his hip is a nice touch.
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everything is better with 'phants !
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FACT: elephants were used for warfare since the dawn of civilization, and their trunks can list weight up to to 350 kgs.

Just sain'...
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Awesome character!!!

Puppet Bonnie's Existential Life Crisis (Chat Icon
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Looks brilliant!
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Looks like Ganash on the warpath.
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This is fantastic! I'd love to see more of this character in the future. :wow: :faint: :worship: :thumbsup: :)
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So cool I love the baton held in his trunk great idea 😀
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Now that's a warrior! Excellent work!
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That is badass. Nothing else to it.
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It's... it's...'s beautiful  :'D

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Dude the line work is amazing. Keep it up! you earned a watch
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